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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Independence Day

Hey Gang,
  Hope everyone is having a great 4th of July weekend.  My hope is that everyone will take time out from barbecue, etc. to remember the importance of this day.
  America is a unique experiment, even by today's standards and for 1776, positively unheard of. A nation of self -governing people, limiting the size and scope of that government.  Each branch of that government being able to check and balance the other. No King, Queen, or other sort of ruler who reigns indefinitely. A duly elected President who serves at most two 4 year terms. No automatic inherited reign, in America anyone can become President, from a millionaire down to the Farmer in his fields. A body of representatives elected by and for the people to make sure that everyones' voice is heard.
  We are free to speak out when we disagree with the government without fear of retribution of any kind. We are free to assemble peacefully to speak out if we disagree with the government.  Our Constitution has within it a system of amending to make corrections if necessary to ensure that all men are created equal.
  As America has grown we have become a nation of immigrants. And we came from everywhere! Some have not always come willingly due to ugly periods in our history. We came to escape famine in Ireland, Communism in Russia and China. We came from everywhere in between with the knowledge that if we came here legally, and were willing to work hard and play by the rules, our children and their children would have the opportunity to achieve whatever they could imagine.
  Our brave men and women in uniform have fought for generations to protect the freedom and liberties that we celebrate today. It is a calling for them, a way of life. American is who she is because of the sacrifice and never-ending vigilance of our military.
  So in between swimming, barbecuing, and picnics today, let's all take a minute to reflect on the beauty and the sheer genius that is America.