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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Political Correctness: That Stuff Will Kill You!

If the Founding Fathers could return today to get a good look at their creation, what would they think? We all wonder what they would think of cars, computers, and thing like that, but what would they think of our stewardship of the rights they so carefully laid out and risked their very lives for?
  America has no doubt surpassed their wildest dreams. For two hundred plus years, people from all over the world have come with the clothes on their backs and what they could carry with them, very often risking their lives for the fresh breeze of freedom and liberty. They knew that once they became Americans they would have the right to things like justice, the right to defend themselves, their families and their property, and perhaps most important of all, the right to speak their mind and speak it freely.
  That precious thing known as the first amendment is first for a reason, because all other rights hinge on its existence. But something has happened to the first amendment. It has become infected. That infection is commonly known as political correctness. As best as we can tell, political correctness, or PC evolved where else but on college campuses inhabited by liberals. The idea, to not “offend” anyone. No one wants to intentionally offend. We get why one does not hurl racial slurs and words of that nature, but when words like, “Merry Christmas”, or anything remotely having to do with God or Christianity enter the mix, time to call the thought police. Then there is the established view that Christians are offensive by virtue of their existence, but the most unpardonable offense of all seems to be offending Muslims. It looks strangely like liberals are quite willing to change every aspect of American life so the people who murdered 3000 Americans in one morning on 9/11 won’t be “offended”. Are you kidding?
  We have now reached the point where P.C. kills. Literally. As the investigation into the horrific terrorist attack in San Bernardino continues, one of the things that the mainstream media really does not like to talk about in polite society is the fact that a neighbor witnessed a large number of middle-eastern men coming and going from the house where Sayed Farook and his wife, Tashfeen Malik lived. She also noticed lots of packages being delivered and lights on in the garage where people seemed to be working late at night. Perhaps this might send up a few red flags to some, and they may think once or twice about making a phone call or two to, well, someone. Not the neighbor! Because, well, there are things worse than terrorist attacks, that would be profiling. You guessed it! The neighbor did not want to be accused of profiling!
  So let’s review. Fourteen people might be alive to celebrate the holidays, remember we can’t say “Christmas”, with their families, were it not for the upholding of P.C. at all costs, and in this case, the cost was enormous.
  The cure for the virus of political correctness is simple. Free speech, free thought, free expression, combine that with a healthy dose of no fear and push back of this insanity. Bottom line, this is a very small group of people that we have allowed to bully us into what amounts to censorship.

  We can only speculate what the founding Fathers might think of what we have become. But chances are, if they were not impressed, they would not be politically correct when they told us.