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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Stop Being Nice!

  It's been said a hundred times before by a hundred different people. Politics is a dirty business. You can't be your opponent's friend and run a successful, a.k.a, winning campaign against them. Usually spouses and children are not allowed on the attack list. But pretty much everything else is.
  Most Conservatives, when they talk about the 2008 election, in hindsight will agree that there were a lot of problems with the candidacy of John McCain. Besides being a RINO on some key issues, like Campaign Finance Reform. He was a nice guy. Too nice.
  Enter Mitt Romney. Romney won enough delegates in the Texas Primary on Tuesday night to secure the Republican nomination for President. Conservatives on the whole are reasonably sure that they will get Romney's mind right on a few of his past stances on issues that were problematic during his days as Governor of Massachusetts. The other problem is that he too, is a nice guy.
  Recently, a new book by Author Ed Klein, claims that one of Obama's closest friends approached an associate of our old buddy, Rev. Jeremiah Wright with an offer of $150,000 dollars back in 2008 if the good Reverend would, well, just shut up. Stop preaching until after the election. During Obama's 2004 Senatorial campaign, the court-sealed divorce records of Obama's Republican opponent Jack Ryan, suddenly came to light.
  Mitt Romney is not just a nice guy. He is a smart guy. He was smart enough to know he couldn't be a nice guy and get elected as a Republican Governor in a blue state like Massachusetts without a little dirt being thrown around. Although he was saying it for a while, surely he knows by now, that Barack Obama is not a nice guy. And the closer we get to November, the less nice he is going to be.
  Republicans seem to always be ready to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, all because a certain piece of information is deemed "inappropriate" or "below the belt." No one is saying we should be actively seeking compromising photos of Candidate A's wife, or digging up hotel records. Focus on the issues of course. In the case of this year's election, we certainly have enough dirt, in the form of Obama's record to sling. But keep in mind who we are dealing with. The Chicago Machine.
  Stop being nice, and just maybe, we will win an election.

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Sunday, May 27, 2012

What If Everyday Was Memorial Day?

Instead of telling people to take time out from enjoying their barbecues, swimming, parades, and just generally enjoying an extra day off to remember the men and women of the United States Armed Forces, especially those who have given the ultimate sacrifice for our nation for one day, I thought that I would look at this slightly differently this year.
  What if we as a nation, as a people, tried to make everyday Memorial Day? Sometimes we forget a few simple facts. Our Military is entirely volunteer. No one is forced to join. The fact that ordinary people volunteer every day to leave their homes, families, and their "normal" way of life to go to far away places, and defend the United States is really quite extraordinary.
  Every single person in America is effected daily in some way by the U.S. Military. If they are not the family member or friend of someone who is currently serving or has served, then perhaps they work as a Civilian on a Military base. Maybe they are employed in an industry that is closely related to the Military, like Boeing.
  We all see Military Personnel out and about in our everyday lives. In the Grocery store, Pharmacy, or Wal-Mart, it is quite possible that you will see someone in uniform or fatigues with their family. What if, right then and there, we stopped, shook their hand, and thanked them, and their families, for their service. What if everyone in America donated one dollar to a Military Charity. What great things that we could do for our fighting men and women. What if we made sure that our Veteran's Hospitals were state-of-the-art, so that our soldiers who came home injured could receive the best care possible. Not just for the injury that they may be dealing with currently, but for any other future treatment they might need.
  Every person in America knows a currently serving soldier, or Veteran. It is a family member, friend, neighbor, or co-worker. What if each of us thanked just one?
 My public Thank You would be to my good friend Martin Baker. Martin is a former Navy SEAL. He does not like to talk about his time in the Military very much. Like a lot of Vets, he looks at it as just another period of his life. I don't know much about Military training, but I do know that not just anyone can be a Navy SEAL, or a Soldier. They are the best of the best. The cream of the crop.
 So Martin, I know you hate this, but Thank You. Thank You for your service and sacrifice to help protect and defend this nation, and our freedom and liberty.
  If every American thanks just one Soldier or Vet, we should pretty much get around to them all.             

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Crimes Of Conservative Women

  There are a lot of crimes that often go just by initials. DWI, DUI, B&E. There are instances where African-Americans are pulled over in certain areas more often than White drivers, they refer to this as DWB, driving while Black. Well, I think that I, and many other Conservative women have discovered a new one. I like to call it EWC - existing while Conservative.
  It seems to occur when Liberals, more often than not, Liberal men, but incredibly enough, some women too, encounter strong, independent, confident, and opinionated Conservative women. it has always been around I'm sure, but it came out of the shadows during the 2008 Presidential Campaign, and the Vice-Presidential candidacy of Sarah Palin. She was viciously attacked over everything from her looks to her wardrobe to her family, because she is a Conservative. She was stupid, an empty vessel, and of course came attacks of a sexual nature, like David Letterman's "slutty flight attendant look" joke that was not funny.
  But that was just the beginning. Liberals moved on to Conservative women who were commentators, anchors and authors. Ann Coulter got a pie in the face for her troubles. Michelle Malkin has had despicable things said about her Filipino heritage. The list goes merrily on. Today, a double whammy. A video surfaced of Union members whacking a pinata with South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley's likeness on it. But the award for the most disgusting, comes from who else but Hustler Magazine's Publisher and scum-bag in chief Larry Flynt. It is a photo shopped picture of Conservative Author and Commentator S.E. Cupp engaged in a very graphic sex act.
  Yes, I know. It's Hustler. It's Larry Flynt. Most decent people will agree that Flynt is a waste of human plasma. Hustler will even tell you that they put a "disclaimer" next to the picture explaining that it was not, in fact a real picture. But how much daylight is that going to see? My guess, not much.
  So I have a question. No, I have several questions for Liberals. When is it enough? Is it ever enough? is there an end? is there a line? Does someone literally have to be killed for what they believe in? In a nation whose very first founding principle is freedom of speech?
  Oh, I can ask the same questions as everyone else. What if this had been a picture of Michelle Obama? Let's take it one step further, what if it had been a picture of one of the Obama daughters? Why is perfectly OK when it is a Conservative woman??!! Of course, when we demand some sort of statement from the NOW Gals, or any other Liberal woman's group, we get silence. Just a reminder NOW Ladies, silence means you condone it. Pure and simple. As women, you should be ashamed.
  I will conclude with a message to our Liberal friends. You will not silence us with photo shopped pictures that make 12 year old boys giggle, you will not silence us with your insults, innuendos, and snarky comments. You will do just the opposite. You will only make us louder, stronger, and much more of a threat to you I'm sure. There are way more of us than there are of you, and we are not going anywhere anytime soon. Deal with it.

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Monday, May 21, 2012

Rally Rap-Up

For everyone who did not see the posts, Conservative Cauldron was blogging live at "The Rally For Common Sense" that was held in Holts Summit, Mo. this past Saturday.
  It was a fantastic celebration of freedom and liberty, and a great way for everyone to get revved up for the Presidential election this fall.
  From the looks of the crowd, which had a large Tea Party presence, they did not need a whole lot of revving up. In addition to plenty of T-shirts, hats, buttons, flags, plus many more items for sale, there was also plenty of food, and an awesome Country Rock band called Dee Rock who kept every one's toes tapping.
  We had great speakers as well. Rev. C.L. Bryant, former Ambassador Alan Keyes, and former Presidential Candidate Herman Cain, all gave inspiring speeches, and called on the crowd to remain vigilant, informed, and actively participating in the political process.
  But what stood out the most as you mingled and walked through the crowd were the people and just the general atmosphere. The mainstream media loves to ramble on about how violent and extreme the Tea Party is. What I witnessed were total strangers from all over introducing themselves to one another, people shaking hands and meeting for the first time. All with one thing in common. A deep love of country. Wanting to leave the nation in better shape for their children and grandchildren. But being very concerned over the present state of the country. High unemployment, trillions of dollars in debt, a weak and ineffective presence abroad, and not feeling that the people who have been elected to represent them really care what they think. Until election time of course. These are ordinary average Americans who are sick and tired of the status quo, and demand not only of themselves, but of others of like mind, that they stand up, be heard, and wrestle the country back from those who seek to "fundamentally transform" it.
  On a side note, to my knowledge, there have been no reports of rape, assault, breakout of disease, or pooping on the Sheriff's van. There was, however, people picking up their own trash and putting it in trash cans, and utilizing the port-a-potties.
  Yep. These extremists need to be watched. 

*pictured above with Herman Cain is from left to right, musician Alphonso Rachel, Martin Baker-Republican Candidate for Congress in MO. District 1, Stacy Swimp from Project 21, and Rev. C.L. Bryant.
*also pictured above, Alan Keyes fires up the crowd!

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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Well., that  about wraps it up from here. It has been truly a wonderful and inspiring day of speakers, and a great Southern rock band, D Rock keeping everybody having a great time. Conservatives are inspired and ready to work hard to get behind the candidates that we need to send to Washington in November. This is a must win situatuation. We all know it. There are no room for mistakes, and there is no time to get depressed. The mainstream media will try to tell us that we don't matter, that the Tea Party is dead, that it no longer has any influence. But just ask candidates like Indiana's Richard Lugar, who, thanks to the Tea Party will be retiring next year.
  We will have many more days like today's Rally For Common Sense this summer. Conservatives know what needs to be done. We have the resources and the tools to fight for and take back our country from people who do not represent us and quite frankly, don't really care about the people they represent until Election Day.
 Let's let them know that we are watching. Very closely. and we are well aware that November is coming.
We will have a complete wrap-up of all the wonderful speakers and all of the other activities from today's Rally very soon at The Conservative Cauldron. Hope everybody enjoyed the updates.

The man of the afternoon is no doubt, former Presidential Candidate Herman Cain. He talks about how the mainstream media is saying that the Tea Party influernce is dead. Cain was in DC this past week, and was asked if the Tea Party would have as much impact this election as in 2010. He said no. It would have more. He says he is still on a mission to gain control of the Senate, keep the House, and send Barack Obama packing. Don't loose sight of the mission. Because if we do, it will be a nightmare like never before. The motto of the Tea Party movement should be the State motto of the state of New Hampshire, "Live Free or Die." Cain  says he calls Washington DC "Big Government Goliath", in refernece to the Biblical story. he says, "We need an army of Davids to bring down Goliath!"
There are people in this country who are falling for the race and class cards and other distractions. Liberals employ the same tactics, the "sin" tactics, S-shift the subject, like, to Gay Marrriage. I-ignore the facts. When the labor Department calculates the unemployment numbers, they forget about the people who gave up or are underemployed. The numbers would be much much higher. N-name call. Three things the Tea Party need to do, stay informed. stay involved, and lastly, stay inspired. The mainstream media wants the Tea party movement to give up, and not do things like stay informed and stay involved. They want us to not get behind the nominee and stay at home on Election Day. Cain says he has spoken recently at over 15 colleges and universities to get young people to get and stay inspired. He says he continues to spread the Conservative message, not for this generation, but for his four grandkids. "That is what keeps me focused on the mission."
 Herman Cain closed with, "We can win in November!" He got a standing ovation!         
Former Ambassador Alan Keyes has long been an outspoken Conservative voice. He talked about George Washington's last address as President. He cautioned against the danger of party and of different factions gaining power for themselves, and become themselves tyrants. "The 2012 election could be the period at the end of the sentence of the American experience." Keyes said. When he tried to tell the truth about who Barack Obama was in 2008, a lot of Republicans tried to tell him he was an extremist. He said that when people finally got through the media spin about who Barack Obama really was that the American people would only want to do one thing. Vote him out. Keyes said that we need to return to the wisdom of our founders. The grassroots of the Tea Party movement proves that the founding fathers were right. "The people are the leaders! We go to the polls to elect the people who will follow our lead!" He says that the majority of the American people are no longer represented in Washington by people who are like them. We will not make the choices for the country until we take back the choices. He says the people of this country need to take back control of the country.
 Alan Keyes is truly a great American, and of course got a standing ovation!

  Alan Keyes blog can be found 2 ways, or 
Stacy Swimp, a sel-described "non hyphenated" American, an also a spokesman for Project 21, speaking to the fact that the majority of Blacks, Hispanics, and other minorities continue to vote for Liberal Democrats. He says that the lie is that it takes "color to win color" and that Republicans have conceded these groups of people for too long, assuming that they will always vote Democrat.
  He is also talking about the fact that Missouri is loosing jobs and workers due to the fact that Missouri is not a Right-To-Work state.
 The National Right To Work Act is being billed by some as just more big government. However, fewer people are on on Welfare in Right To Work states than non Right to Work states. Swimp told the crowd that "You are the true Civil Rights activists today".

Kevin Jackson, author of the best seller 'The Big Black Lie", and can also be heard on Thursday mornings with Jamie Allman on 97.1FM says, "The Tea Party is alive and well!" He says that Conservatives cannot rely on the mainstream media to report acurately. We must rely on Conservative media, bloggers and pundits to tell the truth. He talked about the importance, once again of Conservative values. For Conservative housewives who have raised children, and Conservative men who are there for their families. Kevin's new book is entitled, "Sexy Brilliance and Other Lies."   
Stacy Washington, known to KFTK 97.1 listeners in St. Louis as "Stacy on the Right" shared with the crowd the story of how she grew up in a Democrat family and slowly realized that she was in fact a Conservative. Stacy says that Barack Obama is her favorite topic and he will be until he is removed from office in November. She says November is not the end but merely the beginning. this is when  the work really begins.

K. Carl Smith, self-described "Frederick Douglass Republican", speaking about taking the Conservative message to minorities. That would make Jessie Jackson,and Al Sharpton have to go out and get real jobs. If the message is taken out into minority communities it takes the narrative of the mainstream media that Conservatives and Republicans are racist away. Growing up in Alabama Carl had not heard anything but that Republicans were bad, but as he grew older he knew realized that by voting Democrat, he was not voting his basic Conservative values.

He describes himself as a "run away slave" from the Democratic Party, and a former NAACP chapter head, Rev. CL Bryant says, "We have a problem that we must not fail to solve!" "We will not allow progressive liberals to infringe on our God-given rights!" "We will not allow them to fundamentally transform our country!" Wow. If you are not inspired by Rev. Bryant, no matter what your faith, then there is something that is asleep within you!
  He is talking about the enemy within the government. The government that is taking over our schools and allowing our country to be over run with immigrants that are not here legally. Rev. Bryant speaks about the fact that at times, it is dangerous to be a Black Conservative with the likes of Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton telling African-Americans that Republicans are waging a "war on Blacks."      
Next up, Author and Conservative Activist Selena Owens.  Selena is speaking about the power of Conservative Women. She is speaking on the "Powerful, Beautiful, Fearless, Conservative Women Tour". She will be speaking on the road all the way up until November speaking on Conservative principles and values. The White House wants to speak about the "War on Women", but the real war is on Conservative Women and our values, which we all know are at odds with the "values" the Obama administration espouses. Conservative Women care about jobs, the economy, and the future of our nation, not just reproductive and Women's health issues. Selena's new book is called, "The Power Within, A Conservative Woman".

Musician Alphonso Rachel who can also be seen on "Zonations" on PJTV, currently speaking on the importance of religious liberties that America was founded on. Rachel is also speaking on the rights enumerated in the Constitution that always seem to be  twisted by Liberals. The Founding Fathers did not initiate an income tax because they knew that the government would eventually bleed the people dry.
  He also is speaking on the founding by Democrats of the Ku Klux Klan. The institutionalized racism that was started in this country not by Republicans but by Demorats. When the left cannot argue the points with Conservatives they resort to the "racism" of Conservatives. Nothing could be further from the truth. Bottom line. It's either their version of America or ours.


A Day At The Rally

Today, we are doing something different here at The Conservative Cauldron. We are here live in Holts Summit Mo. at The Rally For Common Sense. It is going to be an awesome day of speakers and a celebration of freedom and liberty. Conservatives are well aware that the 2012 election really is the most important election of our lifetime. Americans will be going to the polls in November not just to elect a Presdident, but to decide the direction our nation will be headed in the next four years. So join us here at The Conservative Cauldron at The Rally For Common Sense. It is going to be an awesome day! Stay tuned!

 Gary Nolan of KSSZ "The Eagle" in Columbia MO is right now conducting a Q&A session. The question posed was how to get a true Conservative in office. Many believe that Mitt Romney is not, but a big government candidate who is not much better than Obama.
 David Roland, a Libertarian from the Freedom Center of Missouri is next speaking of the principles on which America was founded. Freemarket entepreneuership is one of those principles. The Freedom Center has sued the city of Hazelwood MO. prohibited two Girl Scouts from selling cookies in front of their own house. At what point do we tell even the local government "enough!" Hazelwood has hired two very high-powered attornies to fight this case.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Notice Anything Similar?

  The Presidential election was held this past Sunday. Not here of course, in France. Socialist Francois Hollande garnered 51% of the vote to oust Conservative Nicholas Sarkozy.
  So why should Americans care who the French President is? Americans should care a whole lot. Conservative Cauldron did a little contrasting and comparing of President-Elect Hollande, and President Obama. This could be one of those things that makes you go hmmm....
  The Obama stimulus, all $787 billion dollars of it, was supposed to stimulate job creation and keep the unemployment rate below eight percent. Francois Hollande would also like a big government stimulus to "revive growth". He stated on Friday that the state of the French economy was "worse than we thought." Now where have I heard that before? I'm sure it is probably all Sarkozy's fault. Barack Obama campaigned in 2008 on closing Gitmo and bringing American troops home regardless of whether or not the mission, in the eyes of the Military had been completed. He then went on to telegraph to the enemy when we would bring the troops home. Francois Hollande wants to bring French troops home as soon as possible, and many believe he will be less than vigorous in flexing French military and diplomatic influence abroad.
  And recently, we have heard plenty of American politicians, Obama being the most front and center of them, talking about the rich "paying their fair share." Even though in places like New York and California people who might be classified as "rich" are paying upwards of half of their income to the State and Federal government. Francois Hollande wants the "very rich" to pay a mind-boggling 75% in income taxes and hike taxes on companies that would distribute profits to their shareholders instead of investing in their business.
  The list goes on, but you get the picture. In 2008, then Candidate Obama famously said he was days away from "fundamentally transforming America."
  Could it be that President Obama has been taking "French" lessons?

The Conservative Cauldron will be blogging live on Saturday, May 19 from The Rally For Common Sense
 At the Patriot Field of Dreams in Holts Summit MO (just north of Jefferson City)
 Tickets are available online only and along with directions and all the info you need at
 Rally is from 10:00am to 6:00pm, and guest speakers include former Presidential Candidate Herman Cain and Alan Keyes, along with many many others! So come out and celebrate freedom with your fellow Patriots! It's going to be a blast!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

It Depends On Who Draws The Crosshairs

  After the horrible shooting of former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, we were all treated to a lecture and virtual finger-wagging by President Obama on the coarsening of our political rhetoric. But we all know who the finger-wagging was really meant for, Conservatives.
  Liberals it seems, get a wide open shot (oops!) at anything that draws their political ire. While Conservatives are held to an impossible speech standard. My guess is that the Left is only warming up.
  Scott Boston, local St. Louis Tea Party Activist is the latest on the lefty hit-parade. Boston was emceeing a Tea Party Express rally in Springfield Missouri last week, and while revving up the crowd about voting Sen. Claire McCaskill out of office, referred to alter ego of sorts, "Claire bear", saying, "We have to kill the Claire bear!"
  This needs a whole lot of explaining. For people outside of Missouri, Sen. Claire McCaskill has a split personality. When she is on the job in Washington, she is Barack Obama's cheerleader-in-chief. She voted for Obama care while ignoring the fact that back home, Proposition C, which gave the state of Missouri an opt-out of Government Health care, passed everywhere in the state except Kansas City, and St. Louis City in 2010. When she is back in the Show-Me state, she is all about the people of course. Just here to serve the good people of Missouri. This Nyger Morgan T-Plush-like dual persona is the invention mainly of her supporters, but some Republicans have inexplicably latched on as well.
  So imagine Scott's surprise when he got a phone call from the St. Louis Post Dispatch telling him that McCaskill had called Capitol Police and beefed up security. The cherry on the top of this cake was a visit from the FBI. Boston immediately explained that he meant the Senator no harm, explained in what context he was speaking, that he was encouraging voting McCaskill out of office to be rid of the "Claire bear" image that appears only when she is home, and apologized for any misunderstanding.
  Scott himself was the first one to admit to a poor choice of words on "The Dana Show" today on 97.1FM. But how often are Conservatives maligned, even threatened and it does not even garner a yawn? We have seen pictures of former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin hung in effigy in front of people's homes, and all we get are poorly masked guffaws and chuckles and lame excuses about it being a harmless Halloween prank from the mainstream media. Threats of violence and even rape are hurled at Conservative women on a regular basis. The rape suggestion used on Radio Talk Show Host Dana Loesch through Twitter in just the past few weeks. Don't know if Dana received a supportive phone call from Sen. McCaskill. Probably not.
  This massive double standard is not going away anytime soon. But then again, neither are Conservatives. Liberals, get used to it.

Don't Miss This!
 The Rally For Common Sense
 Sat. May 19 at The Patriot Field of Dreams
 From 10:00am to 6:00pm
 Holts Summit, Mo.  (just north of Jefferson City)
  Featured Speakers include former Presidential Candidate Herman Cain and
  Alan Keyes!
  For more info, go to
  Don't Miss a GREAT day of freedom and fun!  Bring your lawn chairs and your flags!!              

Friday, May 4, 2012

Can't We All Just Get Along?

Now that Mitt Romney is just under 300 delegates shy of securing the Republican nomination for President, and on Wednesday, Newt Gingrich suspended his Presidential campaign, is it now time for the Romneys and the non-Romneys to work and play well together?
  There are plenty of Conservatives who consider themselves just that before they will describe themselves as Republicans. A lot of those folks don't really claim Romney as one of their own. His track record of Romney-care, and his flip-flops on some social issues like abortion did not make him a favorite with Conservative purists.
  But for now, for all intense purposes, Mitt Romney is the guy. The nominee. So now what? The answer to that is that NOW, is where it gets serious. The time for demanding perfect candidates is past. We all have issues that make or break a candidate for us. But now it is time to set our eyes on the prize. And that prize is defeating Barack Obama in November, plain and simple.
  Conservatives will all agree, no matter which candidate they originally backed, that this election MUST be won. There is too much at stake. There is the looming implementation of Obama care, in all of it's bureaucratic glory. The possibility of Supreme Court nominees that could sway the Court way to the left for decades to come. And an already bloated Federal government that if Obama is re-elected, will grow not just in size but in power. It's intrusion will find it's way into virtually into every aspect of American life.
  So now my Pretties, is where the rubber meets the road. The time has come for Republicans and Conservatives, whichever one you consider yourself to be, to get behind our candidate.
  At the risk of being overly dramatic, we can't afford to screw this one up.

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