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Friday, May 11, 2012

Notice Anything Similar?

  The Presidential election was held this past Sunday. Not here of course, in France. Socialist Francois Hollande garnered 51% of the vote to oust Conservative Nicholas Sarkozy.
  So why should Americans care who the French President is? Americans should care a whole lot. Conservative Cauldron did a little contrasting and comparing of President-Elect Hollande, and President Obama. This could be one of those things that makes you go hmmm....
  The Obama stimulus, all $787 billion dollars of it, was supposed to stimulate job creation and keep the unemployment rate below eight percent. Francois Hollande would also like a big government stimulus to "revive growth". He stated on Friday that the state of the French economy was "worse than we thought." Now where have I heard that before? I'm sure it is probably all Sarkozy's fault. Barack Obama campaigned in 2008 on closing Gitmo and bringing American troops home regardless of whether or not the mission, in the eyes of the Military had been completed. He then went on to telegraph to the enemy when we would bring the troops home. Francois Hollande wants to bring French troops home as soon as possible, and many believe he will be less than vigorous in flexing French military and diplomatic influence abroad.
  And recently, we have heard plenty of American politicians, Obama being the most front and center of them, talking about the rich "paying their fair share." Even though in places like New York and California people who might be classified as "rich" are paying upwards of half of their income to the State and Federal government. Francois Hollande wants the "very rich" to pay a mind-boggling 75% in income taxes and hike taxes on companies that would distribute profits to their shareholders instead of investing in their business.
  The list goes on, but you get the picture. In 2008, then Candidate Obama famously said he was days away from "fundamentally transforming America."
  Could it be that President Obama has been taking "French" lessons?

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