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Saturday, May 19, 2012

A Day At The Rally

Today, we are doing something different here at The Conservative Cauldron. We are here live in Holts Summit Mo. at The Rally For Common Sense. It is going to be an awesome day of speakers and a celebration of freedom and liberty. Conservatives are well aware that the 2012 election really is the most important election of our lifetime. Americans will be going to the polls in November not just to elect a Presdident, but to decide the direction our nation will be headed in the next four years. So join us here at The Conservative Cauldron at The Rally For Common Sense. It is going to be an awesome day! Stay tuned!

 Gary Nolan of KSSZ "The Eagle" in Columbia MO is right now conducting a Q&A session. The question posed was how to get a true Conservative in office. Many believe that Mitt Romney is not, but a big government candidate who is not much better than Obama.
 David Roland, a Libertarian from the Freedom Center of Missouri is next speaking of the principles on which America was founded. Freemarket entepreneuership is one of those principles. The Freedom Center has sued the city of Hazelwood MO. prohibited two Girl Scouts from selling cookies in front of their own house. At what point do we tell even the local government "enough!" Hazelwood has hired two very high-powered attornies to fight this case.

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