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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Well., that  about wraps it up from here. It has been truly a wonderful and inspiring day of speakers, and a great Southern rock band, D Rock keeping everybody having a great time. Conservatives are inspired and ready to work hard to get behind the candidates that we need to send to Washington in November. This is a must win situatuation. We all know it. There are no room for mistakes, and there is no time to get depressed. The mainstream media will try to tell us that we don't matter, that the Tea Party is dead, that it no longer has any influence. But just ask candidates like Indiana's Richard Lugar, who, thanks to the Tea Party will be retiring next year.
  We will have many more days like today's Rally For Common Sense this summer. Conservatives know what needs to be done. We have the resources and the tools to fight for and take back our country from people who do not represent us and quite frankly, don't really care about the people they represent until Election Day.
 Let's let them know that we are watching. Very closely. and we are well aware that November is coming.
We will have a complete wrap-up of all the wonderful speakers and all of the other activities from today's Rally very soon at The Conservative Cauldron. Hope everybody enjoyed the updates.

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