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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The Left's Last Stand


The presidential election cycle is thankfully over, and for most of us things will return to normal and we will turn our attention to other things. It was a big win for conservatives, not only did we capture the White House but it was a big night all over the country for governors and state legislatures as Republicans cut a wide swath of victory across the nation.  But as recent election history tells us, hell hath no fury like a liberal scorned, or one who lost an election.
In the days and weeks leading up to the election, the hand-wringing du jour for the Left was would Donald Trump accept the results of an election that by their assumption was just a formality really, why even vote? Hillary was clearly going to be the winner. Let’s just save everyone a lot of time and just declare her the president. But that is not what happened. The American people profoundly fed up with executive orders, regulations, and candidates they did not like being shoved down their collective throats pushed back. And now, irony of ironies, that very question is being asked of Hillary Clinton and her supporters. The answer looks to be a big fat no.
On Nov. 25, Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein presented to the state of Wisconsin a petition for a state wide recount. Stein also plans to mount a recount in Michigan and Pennsylvania. This will be a costly endeavor; however the Stein campaign claims that they have raised roughly $4 million to undertake the recount. Because Stein only received 1% of the popular vote nationally, most political experts do not think this is anything more than a fundraising stunt for the Green Party. But could this just be a distraction for a much more sinister, more organized attempt to delegitimize the incoming Trump administration and ignore the voice and the will of the American people?
Presidential electors from all over the nation are receiving letters, emails, and even phone calls urging them to change their votes to Hillary Clinton when the Electoral College meets on Dec. 19 to officially elect Donald Trump president. Some electors are getting hundreds of these letters a day. As would be expected, these letters and emails are filled with erroneous information, all designed to cast doubt. In many states, there are laws against electors who change their votes to go against electoral votes that are awarded each candidate in every state. The penalties differ by state some will impose fines on what is known as “faithless” electors, others can carry up to a year in jail. But a handful of states have no such penalties. Those are the states in which electors face the most harassment, and in a few cases, there are even death threats being issued to electors.
So is there anyone who does not live under a rock that thinks this is a purely grassroots spontaneous movement? Is this really nothing more than just a bunch of left wing hippies rolling out of bed around noon one day and deciding then and there that they would launch this attempt to get their gal Hillary to the White House? Hardly.
What is a more likely scenario is the fact that this is one of those instances where the Left runs rings around conservatives. Even though six months or a year ago it would have not occurred to liberals that Donald Trump would today be the president-elect. But even the most unfathomable of outcomes must be planned for. And a safe bet would be that liberals started planning this effort long ago. They lined up their money guys, their IT guys, and their volunteers just in case. Whether or not the Democrat Party is officially involved is unknown. What is known is that at any time the Clinton campaign or President Obama could call off the dogs and urge their supporters to accept the outcome of the election. That will not happen because the dirty little secret is that Clinton and Obama are no doubt enjoying it. Anything that will weaken the Trump presidency or just make trouble for it softens the drubbing their Party took on Election Day. Chances are the only sound coming from the White House will be crickets. Call it unrealistic, naiveté, or something else, but for the most part conservatives are well aware how the Left operates, but they believe that everybody operates the way they do, by the book.
This effort is quite possibly taking place in every state where the Left thinks they can flip electors. Most electoral college experts say the percentage of electors that would be needed to toss out the election results and give the win to Hillary Clinton is virtually impossible and therefore not a threat. Is the real goal here to prevent the states in question from certifying their election results and ultimately that states electors not being allowed to vote? This is also a possibility. But what does the Left do when this effort fizzles as badly as the Clinton campaign?

This may be the last stand for liberals this election cycle, but don’t expect them to hear the fat lady warming up any time soon.                           

Monday, November 14, 2016

Journalists Behaving Badly


  Once upon a time, in a country that often seems far far away, a noble profession once existed. The people who practiced this profession, who were a part of it cared deeply about it. They demanded of themselves and each other high standards. They expected honesty, integrity, credibility, to be able to look each other in the eye and themselves in the mirror and know that they had done the best job they could. Such ideals and values once carried a great deal of weight in America, not for this particular profession, but for anything Americans engaged in. But sadly, like buggy and musket manufacturers, this industry is dying a slow agonizing death, and it seems that the people once employed in this industry show no interest in adapting to anything new and improved. That profession is Journalism.
  Journalism is the only profession that is mentioned and protected in the Constitution. The Founding Fathers knew the sacred spot free speech and freedom of the press occupied in the new Republic. They made sure that speech, both spoken and written had in present day vernacular, a safe space. Journalists have always been the most passionate among us in wanting to know what, where, why, how, and when. It is why they do what they do.

  We may have gotten a glimpse of the impending death of Journalism as far back as 2008 when the media, in all of its forms slobbered and stumbled over themselves to impart to Americans the Messiah status of an unknown named Barack Obama. Anyone who wished to even remotely practice the basic fundamentals of Journalism and dig into just exactly who this up and comer from Illinois was was promptly branded a racist and anything else that would discourage them from actually asking questions and doing anything else that might masquerade as journalism. 
  Conservatives have for a long time suspected most journalists and others in media leaned left. Along with Academia, studies had been done on the voting and political donating patterns among certain groups. Liberal college professors outnumbered conservatives by 12:1. Mainstream media journalists donated to liberal and democrat candidates and causes to the tune of 96% over Republican interests.
  But this year, all pretenses of impartiality and non-bias quickly disappeared, transparency was non-existent, and all bets were off. The mainstream media for the first time went politically commando, and they were loving every minute of it.
Thanks to outlets like Wikileaks, emails from some of America’s top newsrooms revealed all out collusion between themselves, the Clinton campaign, and the Democrat National Committee. There were journalists giving Clinton final approval on quotes and any stories they might write about her. There was interim DNC Chair Donna Brazille, a former CNN contributor being fed primary debate questions from her former colleagues. Most mainstream media outlets on their evening news shows could not pencil in stories into the show roster on Hillary Clinton and her home brew server that she lied about sending and receiving classified information on, but could devote almost the entire broadcasts to such things as women coming forth with thirty year old allegations of inappropriate behavior by Trump. Most of these women got their fifteen minutes of fame and their stories were quickly debunked. But don’t hold your breath waiting to hear that on the alphabet networks.
America’s news media launched an entire separate wing of the Clinton campaign and the Democrat Party. They eagerly fed the nation any and all propaganda thinly described as news whenever it was needed. An August 6 column by New York Times Columnist Jim Rutenberg even went so far as to try to justify slanted coverage of Trump in the mainstream media. Why, because Trump was not a “normal” candidate.
  The behavior by the American mainstream press is, to say the least, unacceptable, vile, contemptable, and should make every conservative feel vindicated that their suspicions were beyond correct. What’s worse, no one seems to be ashamed or even slightly regretting their atrocious actions. All in a day’s work if you are an east coast based journalist. And in what appears to be more and more of the liberal mindset, win at all costs, the ends justify the means.
Will the media suddenly have a collective epiphany and beg forgiveness of average Americans they feel are just too stupid because they live in a part of the country where people still have values and are therefore are just too dense to grasp their high intellect and superiority? Doubtful. They are out there for all to see and obviously they just don’t care anymore about things like objectivity and fairness.

  And with Republicans running the show in Washington D.C., the behavior is not going to get any better any time soon.