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Saturday, September 28, 2013

In Closing....

Well, that about wraps it up from here. It has been a great day of speakers, taking pictures, which will be up on Facebook and the Conservative Cauldron website soon, and just being with great Conservative voices, and those of like mind! If we have this much drive, desire, and energy, there is no way that Conservatives cannot win in 2014, and 2016! We have great up and coming candidates, and bottom line, we have the right message.
  Thank you everyone for spending the day with The Conservative Cauldron! I hope you will continue to keep reading! I have had a blast bringing it all to you! Hope you enjoyed!

Paul Curtman

Now speaking, Missouri State Rep. Paul Curtman. Curtman is young, and he is one of the up and coming stars of the Missouri Republican Party. He is speaking today about the Conservative message, and how very right it is. He says the principles of liberty can be life changing. It is to secure our rights that we even go to the government at all. We must elect the right leaders. Freedom is worth fighting for. If our soldiers are fighting for us in places like Iraq and Afghanistan, then we must also continue the fight at home. It is all about freedom and liberty.
  Thank you Rep. Curtman! 

David Keene former NRA President

Next up, former NRA President David Keene. Our values as Americans are all about freedom. For the future of our children and grandchildren. We must preserve our individual freedoms at all costs. The President has a very different vision for our country. Ronald Reagan envisioned "a shining city on a hill". This is not what the Obama administration has in mind. They want the American people to judge gun owners by the actions of a few crazies.
  The membership of the NRA was at about 4 million when Barack Obama took office. He tried to convince Americans that he was a second amendment supporter. But Obama and his supporters needed a tragic event to get the anti gun ball rolling. Then the horrific shootings in Newtown Connecticut. Within hours, a new anti gun law was ready to be introduced in Congress. By the time that Congress was ready to vote on this measure, there were a million new members of the NRA. In the recent recall elections in Colorado, the second amendment supporters were outspent 8 to 1. It is not always about money, but the message and how you get that message out. The second amendment exists to keep America from coming under the thumb of tyranny.
  Some people around the world dream of living in a place like America. We need to keep it that way.
   Great job Mr. Keene! 

Governor Sam Brownback

Now speaking, Kansas Governor Sam Brownback. He is speaking about what path the country will be choosing in the not too distant future. There are two models for America. One is a Red State model, with smaller government, lower taxes, family values. The other is a Blue state model, with big government, high taxes, and a lagging economy. What we don't need is to become Europe.
  In Kansas, they are cutting taxes. They have one of the lowest unemployment rates in the nation. Seventy percent of Kansans are self-employed. When a society looks at people as problems, not as people. Gov. Brownback wants to work on eradicating poverty by doing such things as creating more trade schools. So when students graduate from high school, there is a trade they can start in, or college students can work their way through college, and not have massive amounts of debt when they graduate. He says that the American people are the foremost experts on American exceptionalism. We all must start at the state level, then work our way out and up. Gov. Brownback says to work where you are!
  Thank you Gov. Brownback! 

Panel Discussion- Obama Scandals

 Leading this panel discussion, Donald Devine, PhD, Vice President of the Board, American Conservative Union, Myron Ebell, Director, Center for Energy and Environment, Competitive Enterprise Institute, Tom Fitton, Judicial Watch, Bill Randles, Partner, Bill & Bev Randles Law Group, LLP, John Solomon, Editor and Vice President for Content and Business Development, The Washington Times, and the Moderator, Joe Bast, President, Heartland Institute.
  The panel is looking at the subject of global warming as one of the Obama administration scandals. The administration can make the argument that because of climate change, they can institute all sorts of regulations on Americans. The President is using junk science as a means to further this argument. The science of climate change is anything but settled. They are banning the building of new coal plants, and are against the Keystone Pipeline project. It is all being done in the name of false science. The United States is, in effect, outsourcing the science to the United Nations, who will not care in the slightest about the sovereignty of our nation. The United States is also signing international treaties that also do not recognize the laws of the United States.
  Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch, says the Obama administration is out of control as far as ethics is concerned. Fitton spoke of the IRS scandal, which targeted Conservative and Tea Party groups who filed tax exempt status. Not one Conservative group received tax exempt status before the 2012 election. In Benghazi, there is still no accountability for four dead Americans. The Obama administration has committed over 40 examples of Executive branch over reaches of power. The Fast and Furious, is a slow moving mass murder, that is responsible for the death of Border Agent Brian Terry, and hundreds of Mexican citizens.
  We have a President, not a King.
  John Solomon of the Washington Times, is speaking of the debacle that has become the Middle East. Our ability to lead has been greatly diminished. He talks about the Obama administration scandal of incompetence. Bill Randles, along with wife and law partner Bev, put together one of the first lawsuits against the IRS on behalf of Tea Party groups.
  When Barack Obama took office, he said he would pass cap and trade legislation. When Congress did not pass this law, the administration decided it would do an end run around this. The Department of Interior is expanding the Endangered Species list without any legislation. We are becoming a nation of men, not of laws. Three years ago, there were plans for 100 new coal power plants. Today, there are no plans.
  According to John Solomon, Tea Party groups are still being targeted. But it is not being reported. The IRS recently sent out a new round of letter to these groups, saying basically, that if they were willing to give up some of their rights, they would be granted their tax exempt status. This is still being investigated.
  The biggest question among Conservatives seems to be, how are they getting away with all of this, and what can we do about it? The Obama administration is ignoring the law, going around the law, and making up the law as they go along. They believe that the ends justifies the means. Conservatives will also have to do whatever is necessary, legally, to keep these scandals front and center, and be able to hold them accountable by electing good candidates. The most powerful thing we can all do, is take care of the problem at the ballot box. In the foreseeable future, don't raise the debt ceiling, defund Obama care, and reign in the EPA, are good starting points.
  Thank you to everyone on the panel! 


Elbert Guillory

Louisiana State Senator Elbert Guillory is now speaking. Guillory recently garnered media attention when he switched parties. In a You Tube video, Guillory explained why, as a lifelong Democrat, he was now becoming a Republican. Today, he is speaking about the danger of being hyphenated Republicans. He says that the foundations of the Republican party are under attack by the Left. He says that Barack Obama is destroying the fiscal integrity of the nation. He is running up a debt that will take the next generations an eternity to pay off. He says that God should be the foundation of all that we do. He likened the Obama administration to a hoard of termites attacking, and Conservatives do not seem to have a sense of urgency about this attack. He called the President "the head termite".
  He spoke of the violent nature of American pop culture, especially in the inner cities. He described it as a "culture of killing". He says that it is this culture, not guns, that are the problem. He also spoke of the breakdown of the family. He says that the Left is attacking the very fabric of American society.
He talked about the Department of Justice filing a lawsuit against the school voucher program in Louisiana. It is Republicans leading the charge against this lawsuit.
  He sais that Republicans are the Party of freedom. Republicans are the party that will repair America's education system.
  Elbert Guillory is the kind of Conservative we should all be proud of!         

Missouri Lt. Governor Peter Kinder

Next up, Missouri Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder. Kinder filed one of the first lawsuits against Obama care. He spoke of the recent statement by Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance who will not be accessing the BJC Health System here in Missouri. In St. Louis alone, that is roughly 13 hospitals. He asked if Conservatives  want to constantly be on offense against the Left. Kinder says that he believes that 2014 will be the year that Missouri becomes a Right To Work state.
  Great Speech Lt. Gov. Kinder!

Governor Rick Perry

Now speaking, Texas Governor Rick Perry. He says that what is going on now in Washington is a good argument for a part time legislature. The culture in Washington is broken. He says that Washington only changes when the American people force them to. We should look to red states, who are balancing budgets, creating jobs, and reducing taxes. The common denominator is Republican Governors in those states. Texas is creating jobs faster than any state in the nation. He says that American cannot maintain the fiscal course it is on. He spoke of all of the foreign policy bungling of the Obama administration. We must re-establish America's primacy in the world, but we must get our own house in order first. Foreign policy is national security.
  Thanks Governor Perry! God Bless Texas!  

Rick Santorum

Now speaking, former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum. He says that one of the major ways that the country has changed is through popular culture. Why are Conservatives on the defense when we have the truth on our side? He says that Conservatives need to become better storytellers. He says that he is engaged in a battle for the soul of the country. He says he gets asked about his daughter Bella all the time. Santorum says that the Republican Party does not have to change to win. We must engage in the culture, in a way that will reach out to the American public. Santorum is now the CEO of Echolite  Studios, a family friendly movie studio. Their movie, "The Christmas Candle" will be out at Christmas time.
  Roughly 40% of the American public identifies themselves as Conservatives, only 20% Liberal. He says the Left will do whatever it takes, and Conservatives must do that as well. That we must all go back into our community with the Conservative message.
  However, Conservatives must also remember, that not all Conservatives go to church during the day, on Sunday. Don't decide for the rest of us, who Conservatives are, and who they are not.
 Great speech Senator!    

Lt. Colonel Oliver North

What would a Conservative convention be without this great American hero! Colonel North said his job at Fox News is to document the greatness of the U.S. Military. He says his heroes do not wear capes, they wear flack jackets, and put themselves in harm's way in places where it is 120 degrees. They are the best trained and equipped military force on the planet. They volunteer to be in far away places, away from their loved ones. Col. North says our Military deserves better than a Commander In Chief who will not identify our enemies for who they are, Islamic terrorists. He spoke of his 14 grandchildren, who will be left with massive amounts of debt. He does not want them do have a leader who is willing to negotiate with terrorists, but not the minority party in Washington.
  Col. North says the corruption in Washington is rampant. The government is broken, but We The People can fix it. We must make a commitment to create a government who will abide by the Constitution. We need elected officials who will live up to the oath of office they take when sworn in.
  It is our responsibility to hold this administration accountable for what happened in Benghazi, and for spying on our fellow citizens. Insist on the liberties endowed upon us by our Creator. If we want to remain the land of the free, we must show our friends and enemies that we truly are, the home of the brave.
  Thank you for your service Col. North, and for all you do!       

Panel Discussion

We will now have a panel discussion entitled, "Can Social Conservatives and Libertarians Ever Get Along? participating on the panel is, Geoffrey Neale, Chairman of the Libertarian Party, Matthew Spaulding, PhD., Vice President, American Studies and Director, B. Kenneth Simon Center for Principles and Politics, the Heritage Foundation, Doug Bandow, Senior Fellow, Cato Institute. The Moderator is Tom Minnery, Executive Director, Citizen Link.
  The main theme of the discussion is, "Libertarian vs. Authoritarian". Not about Republican or Democrat, but about right and wrong. The Republican party must remember their founding principles. Conservatives must stop dividing themselves between Social, Fiscal, Environmental Conservatives. It is hurting us greatly as a Party. Principles are what bring us together as a Party.
  Frank Meyer, one of the early leaders of the modern Conservative movement, said that there must be a coming together of social Conservatives and more secular Conservatives. Libertarians and Conservatives basically have the same beliefs of smaller government, individual rights being upheld. The Panelists say that Libertarians are moral, they just have a problem telling people they are moral!
Mr. Bandow says that you must be virtuous in order to have liberty, and you must have liberty to be virtuous. Libertarians are sort of the opinions that not all sins should be against the law. Mr. Neale says that to some degree, a Party platform is a useless document. He says that Libertarians are concerned about how one lives their life, not what they say they do. he says our elected officials should be holding themselves to a higher standard, not because we do it for them. The main job of government, is to create a framework of self-government.
 Finally, a hypothetical. Should Rand Paul become the 2016 Republican nominee, would Libertarians support him? They like him because of the attention he gives to the concept of liberty, but they think he gives the Republican Party credibility that they do not deserve. The panel believes that if Rand Paul runs on "conserving" America and the Republic, he will win. They say that the enemy is much more dangerous than any disagreements we may have amongst each other.
  Thank You to all on the Panel.     

Brenda Talent

Next up is Brenda Talent, Executive Director of the Show-Me-Institute. She is speaking of the importance of focusing on State wide issue that will ultimately influence national issues. She is also talking about the power of such things as recall elections, such as the one recently held in Colorado where two anti-gun legislators were recalled. In Missouri, people have overwhelmingly rejected Obama care on more than one occasion. She says that the people must believe that they can be better stewards of their own lives than a big over arching government. We must first gear up for the local fights before we can move on to the national ones. She says it is clearly not "morning in America". We must fight to get back to that time.
  In the words of Edmund Burke, evil will triumph when good men do nothing.

Frank Donatelli

We are now hearing from Frank Donatelli, Chairman of GOPAC. While so much of our time is focused on getting our federal lawmakers elected, the real fight starts at home, in our own backyard, getting our local candidate elected. GOPAC focuses on education and training of those local grassroots candidates. Donatelli says that at the State level, there is a deep bench of good Conservative candidates coming along. He says that we must pay attention to these new exciting candidates who are waiting in the wings. Someday, they might very well be on the national scene.    

Grover Norquist

Now we are hearing from Grover Norquist, founder of Americans for Tax Reform. He started out by saying that when it comes to our Constitutional rights, the American people just want to be left alone!
 While we as Americans may have a pet issue, whether it is protecting our Second Amendment rights, protecting our religious rights, or anything else, we can all agree that collectively, we are all concerned about every single one of those things.
  Mr. Norquist says that job 1 of the State Legislators is to NOT RAISE TAXES! He says the government will never stop spending if they are allowed to keep raising taxes. Americans must be vigilant not only of their federal lawmakers, but their state legislators as well. The Left will never give up trying to reach in to the pockets of the American people. They will just keep asking for those tax increases in different ways. They will suggest compromise, but "compromise" to the Left usually means that Conservatives cave! He says that we must make sure that we are always moving in the direction of freedom. Make sure that the ground we are travelling is solid as we move forward.
  Norquist says that We The People are the counter pressure to the Politicians in Washington to prevent a constant raising of taxes.
  Keep up the good fight Mr. Norquist!      

Senator Mike Lee

The next speaker is Senator Mike Lee from Utah. He is a rising rock star in the Conservative movement. This week, he and Senator Ted Cruz from Texas lead the push to defund Obama care in the Senate. We were not victorious in the way we would like, but we have definitely not heard the last from Sen. Lee!
  Sen. Lee is recalling some of his first experiences as a freshman Senator. He is a great speaker, and pretty funny! He has a great dry sense of humor too! He is speaking about the importance of asserting our rights as Americans. With Obama care looming before us, Senator Lee says that we must fight for the right to not be under the thumb of an oppressive government that is completely distant from it's people. He talked about the first Americans, who decided early on, that their fellow countrymen were not going to be subjects of a tyrant, that they would live under their own sovereignty, in their own nation.
 Senator Lee says we must start conversations with friends and family, to persuade them that an overreaching government is not the answer. That we must all fight the fight, to ensure that our rights and liberties are not confiscated by a bullying federal government.
 Thank you for all you do Senator Lee!

First Up

Our Hostess this morning is 97.1FM talk's own Dana Loesch. While we are at it, let's all wish her a very happy birthday! What a great way to spend your birthday! To get things started, Dana introduced Rev. Dan Doriani, who gave a great invocation to bless all who are here today. Singer Neal Boyd, who gave us a truly inspirational rendition of the national anthem. The Pledge of Allegiance was lead by Colonel Jack Jackson, USMC (ret.). No better person to lead that pledge than one of our nation's heroes! Right now, we are hearing Al Cardenas, Chairman of the American Conservative Union give the first speech. Why we are here, and why Conservatives must band together, get angry if we must, but get motivated to do what must be done to get our great nation back on track.     

CPAC 2013!

Good Morning Everyone!!
  Finally the day has arrived! I am so glad to be able to be here to cover all of the great speakers and panelists that will be here today! I will try to cover as many speakers as possible, but the day is jam-packed! So grab a cold drink, find a comfortable chair and sit back and enjoy!
  CPAC 2013!   

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Walking Out On Heroes

  I went online, and looked up "Duties of a Congressman". It gave the standard fare about being on committees, proposing bills, and deciding if those bills should move on to the floor of the House. Then it said, "representatives of their constituents, (people of their states or districts)".
  If that is the case, then I must file a complaint about my representation in Washington. My complaint regarding Congressman William "Lacy" Clay is not ideological. I already know that is a waste of time. It is not about being Republican or Democrat. It is about placing politics above basic humanity.
  On Thursday, September 19, The House Oversight Committee conducted a hearing on the attacks in Benghazi. Scheduled to testify were Pat Smith, mother of Sean Smith, Foreign Services Officer killed in the attack, and Charles Woods, father of Tyrone Woods, Navy SEAL. Prior to the testimony of Ms. Smith and Mr. Woods, every Democrat on the Committee, with the exception of ranking member Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) and Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA), walked out of the hearing. Including Rep. Clay.
  So let's review. The man who has been designated by a vote of the people to represent myself, and approximately 587,000 other constituents in the first Congressional District of Missouri, got up and walked out, snubbed, let's call it what it is, two people whose children gave their lives in defense of this nation.
  Congressman Clay is no rabble rouser. He is not on TV every week. He is a reliable Democratic vote. He supports the bills and amendments put forth by his Democrat colleagues. He is a low-key guy. So how is it that a low-key guy, just trying to stay out of the spotlight, and hang on to that cushy job until he doesn't need it anymore, show such blatant disrespect, not just for fellow Americans, whom he may disagree with over an issue here and there, but fellow human beings?
  Has the Standard Operating Procedure of Liberal Democrats as a whole become, cover this President, and every bit of his ideology, and not to mention his rear end, at all costs? Even to the point of trading in your basic humanity? Congressman Clay is a parent. Can he not put himself in the shoes of these grieving parents? Perhaps it is a bit harder to do so when you file for divorce, and fail to mention that little tidbit to your wife, and said children, and they find out through the local media.
  Bottom line. Lacy Clay represents me. When he walked out of that room, all of the residents of Missouri's first Congressional District walked out. I am ashamed of that. I have to believe that if more of Congressman Clay's constituents actually knew about it, once again, the St. Louis media strikes again, that Republican or Democrat, Liberal or Conservative, just as humans, they would be ashamed as well.
  So Congressman Clay, word of advice. Next time, could you check your petty, childish, and partisan behavior at the door?        

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Best Of The Conservative Cauldron-Why I Am A Conservative

  This week is always an emotional week for me. In the midst of the horrific Navy Yard shooting, and the on-going Syrian conflict, this week marks the fourth anniversary of the death of my father. I know that people lose parents every day, unfortunately. But my hope is that, maybe by reading my own reflections about the man my dad was, it may cause someone else to pause and reflect on the passing of their own parent, and remember all of the good and positive things about them. A good friend suggested that I rerun last year's post about my dad. So without further adue, Why I Am A Conservative:
  This coming Saturday marks the fourth anniversary of the death of my father. I still miss him every day. He is the reason I am a Conservative.
  Jerrold Fain was not a complicated man. He certainly was not born a rich man. He may not have been considered financially wealthy, but he was rich in all the ways that count.
  He was the oldest of six children. He grew up in a three room house with five siblings, two parents, and no indoor plumbing until he was 15. He liked to tease my Mom that he thought he was marrying into a wealthy family because she had an indoor toilet.
  At 19, he was drafted into the Army, and spent the next two years in Germany. He told my brother and I many times how he hated every minute of it, but he knew without a doubt, that it had made a man out of him. When he came home, like a lot of other young men newly discharged from the Military, he was broke. So he went to work. He and my Mother married in 1959. Their first home, a small apartment in south St. Louis. They bought their first house in 1963, and two years later, this blogger made her debut.
  My Dad went to night school for a while. He would try to do homework and study, while a curious four year old just wanted to keep him company. He never got his degree, but he worked hard. I never remember him being unemployed at any time. He got promotions within the companies he worked for, many times over others who did have degrees.
  He taught my brother and I that the world did not owe us a thing. If we wanted something, we were going to have to work for it. His heroes were William F. Buckley Jr., and Ronald Reagan. He marveled at Buckley's brilliance when it came to anything regarding Conservatism, and he loved Buckley's "Blackford Oakes" series of spy novels. I was a teenager, and just starting my working life when Ronald Reagan became President. My Dad said, in his quiet way, that he was the right man at the right time. When I brought my first paycheck stub to him, and pointed to two vastly different numbers, the lower one being what I got after Uncle Sam was done with me, I got my first lesson on taxes, "Remember that when you vote", he would tell me. I am also reasonably sure that no one else's father, as they went off to work, told them to "go discover the joys of capitalism". All part of his dry sense of humor that those who knew him best completely understood. "Don't be a sheep!" This was also a favorite nugget of fatherly advice, so I would not do what everybody else was doing, whatever "it" might be. Translated, don't follow the crowd. I think it is safe to say, that one did sink in. He also took me to my first Tea Party. Little did I know that it would be the only one we would go to together.
  It has been a hard four years without him. I know that he would be insanely proud of all that I have accomplished in those four years. I know that he knows, that I am just getting started. Because of him, I know there is nothing I can't do.
  It is those early lessons in Conservatism that made me who I am today.
  Thanks Dad.               

Monday, September 9, 2013

Why Can't We Be Friends?

  Over the weekend, I attended the annual St. Louis Hispanic Festival that was held in Kiener Plaza downtown. It was an awesome celebration of food, music, dance, and many vendors, selling everything from hand-made baskets, to Mexican beer and Margaritas. Troops of dancers showed off the rich heritage of St. Louis's Hispanic Community. The Gateway City, once again, proved itself to truly be a melting pot of many different cultures and ethnicities.
  So, you would think that just maybe, Republicans might mix a little business with pleasure. Go to the Festival. Partake of the wonderful family atmosphere, try some great food, and maybe set up a table, or a booth. Talk to people in the Hispanic community. Everyone was very friendly and welcoming. Find out what their concerns are. Find out where the common ground is between the Republican Party and Hispanics. Attempt to dispel the myth that the GOP is nothing but old white men, who don't care about them. Just be seen.
  OK. Now you can wake up. Not only did that not happen, there was no attempt to make it happen. The St. Louis Republican Party had a golden opportunity to go out amongst a group of people, a whopping 27% of whom voted for Mitt Romney, engage them, talk to them, possibly swing a few
votes our way next time around, and no attempt was made to have any presence at the Festival.
  Sources close to The Conservative Cauldron reached out to the St. Louis Republican Party. Their response; they were "aware" of the of the Festival. Aware?! Attempts were also made to reach out to Missouri Republican Party Chairman Ed Martin. He also could not be reached for comment.
  This is yet another shining example of the lackadaisical, don't care, it is too much effort, attitude of the Republican Party as a whole. You cannot claim to care about people, yet only pay attention to them at election time! You cannot assume that the number one concern of all Hispanics is immigration. If your last name is Hernandez, and you have been out of work for a year, the number one issue for you is not immigration!
  And newsflash to the GOP. Conservatives are fed up! We are tired of your spineless go-along-to-get-along practices in Washington. We are tired of no one standing up for Constitutional principles. We are tired of guys like John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and Karl Rove, and other usual suspects calling the shots for the Party. We are tired of Republican Lite. How have these tactics worked for us in the last two election cycles? Hmmm...let's see, yeah not so good. Stop waiting for the mainstream media to like you and say nice things about you. It won't happen. If you are not willing to do the work that needs to be done in order to make the Republican Party a viable alternative to cradle to grave Liberalism, then get out of the way, because clearly you are part of the problem. Hispanics are traditionally quite Conservative, so this should not be hard to do.
  If the City, County, State, or National Republican Party is not willing to rock the boat, stop making noise about all the "new Hispanic friends" they plan to make, and go to places that they have been told it is a waste of time for Republicans to go, then it is Conservatives, who will have no problem going without them.            

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Labor Day and the Entitlement Generation

   Americans celebrated Labor Day this week. The last blast of summer, with barbecues, swimming, and the kids bemoaning, if they haven't already, their return to school. The meaning of this day is to pause and reflect on the true backbone of this country, the American worker.
  Hard work is what built America. Plain and simple. When the first settlers arrived in their new land, they knew it would take everything they had in them to survive. And survive they did. Generation after generation of hard working immigrant has arrived in this country
, knowing that the sweat of his brow was his key to success, and a better life for his children. We have all seen grainy old film footage of early 20th century construction workers, sitting on steel beams, hundreds of feet up in the air, eating lunch from a tin lunch pail. One of the most iconic American portraits is of "Rosie the Riveter". As American men went overseas to defeat Hitler and the Nazis, American women took over in the factories, doing what needed to be done to help the war effort. How many times have we seen that picture of Rosie, the look of determination on her face, flashing a fairly impressive muscle. The words above her say it all, "We can do it". An empowering image for women still today.
  But something is happening. Something is changing. America's work ethic, like so many other institutions, is being twisted. In the age of Obama, suddenly, it is not work! That's right! Sit at home and get paid! And the truly frightening part, more and more people are hopping on the government gravy train, and expecting hard working Americans to keep on pulling that train.
  In a recent study by the Cato Institute, in nearly every state in the Union, welfare pays better than work. In some states, a lot better. In Hawaii, live in paradise, play your EBT cards right, and you can make the equivalent in benefits of $29 dollars an hour. Pretty decent gig.
  Is America, traditionally the poster child for hard work, producing an entire generation of welfare brats who think they are entitled to what hard working people earn because it is "fair"? It is what happens when elementary schools begin to teach the merits of social justice and wealth redistribution. It is what happens when everyone gets a trophy, so that no one's self esteem is damaged. It is what happens when the idea of competition is deemed to be bad. And it begs the question, will a lazy nation be willing to put forth the effort to do things like, work to pull itself out of economic stagnation? Or, worst case scenario, defend itself against foreign invaders? Or will we just wait for someone else to do the heavy lifting?
  Author of the Cato Institute study, Michael Tanner, said he thought that major changes to the educational system were needed so that young people would be able to better prepare themselves for the workforce.
  Perhaps a major overhaul in the American work ethic would be better.