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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Panel Discussion- Obama Scandals

 Leading this panel discussion, Donald Devine, PhD, Vice President of the Board, American Conservative Union, Myron Ebell, Director, Center for Energy and Environment, Competitive Enterprise Institute, Tom Fitton, Judicial Watch, Bill Randles, Partner, Bill & Bev Randles Law Group, LLP, John Solomon, Editor and Vice President for Content and Business Development, The Washington Times, and the Moderator, Joe Bast, President, Heartland Institute.
  The panel is looking at the subject of global warming as one of the Obama administration scandals. The administration can make the argument that because of climate change, they can institute all sorts of regulations on Americans. The President is using junk science as a means to further this argument. The science of climate change is anything but settled. They are banning the building of new coal plants, and are against the Keystone Pipeline project. It is all being done in the name of false science. The United States is, in effect, outsourcing the science to the United Nations, who will not care in the slightest about the sovereignty of our nation. The United States is also signing international treaties that also do not recognize the laws of the United States.
  Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch, says the Obama administration is out of control as far as ethics is concerned. Fitton spoke of the IRS scandal, which targeted Conservative and Tea Party groups who filed tax exempt status. Not one Conservative group received tax exempt status before the 2012 election. In Benghazi, there is still no accountability for four dead Americans. The Obama administration has committed over 40 examples of Executive branch over reaches of power. The Fast and Furious, is a slow moving mass murder, that is responsible for the death of Border Agent Brian Terry, and hundreds of Mexican citizens.
  We have a President, not a King.
  John Solomon of the Washington Times, is speaking of the debacle that has become the Middle East. Our ability to lead has been greatly diminished. He talks about the Obama administration scandal of incompetence. Bill Randles, along with wife and law partner Bev, put together one of the first lawsuits against the IRS on behalf of Tea Party groups.
  When Barack Obama took office, he said he would pass cap and trade legislation. When Congress did not pass this law, the administration decided it would do an end run around this. The Department of Interior is expanding the Endangered Species list without any legislation. We are becoming a nation of men, not of laws. Three years ago, there were plans for 100 new coal power plants. Today, there are no plans.
  According to John Solomon, Tea Party groups are still being targeted. But it is not being reported. The IRS recently sent out a new round of letter to these groups, saying basically, that if they were willing to give up some of their rights, they would be granted their tax exempt status. This is still being investigated.
  The biggest question among Conservatives seems to be, how are they getting away with all of this, and what can we do about it? The Obama administration is ignoring the law, going around the law, and making up the law as they go along. They believe that the ends justifies the means. Conservatives will also have to do whatever is necessary, legally, to keep these scandals front and center, and be able to hold them accountable by electing good candidates. The most powerful thing we can all do, is take care of the problem at the ballot box. In the foreseeable future, don't raise the debt ceiling, defund Obama care, and reign in the EPA, are good starting points.
  Thank you to everyone on the panel! 


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