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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Senator Mike Lee

The next speaker is Senator Mike Lee from Utah. He is a rising rock star in the Conservative movement. This week, he and Senator Ted Cruz from Texas lead the push to defund Obama care in the Senate. We were not victorious in the way we would like, but we have definitely not heard the last from Sen. Lee!
  Sen. Lee is recalling some of his first experiences as a freshman Senator. He is a great speaker, and pretty funny! He has a great dry sense of humor too! He is speaking about the importance of asserting our rights as Americans. With Obama care looming before us, Senator Lee says that we must fight for the right to not be under the thumb of an oppressive government that is completely distant from it's people. He talked about the first Americans, who decided early on, that their fellow countrymen were not going to be subjects of a tyrant, that they would live under their own sovereignty, in their own nation.
 Senator Lee says we must start conversations with friends and family, to persuade them that an overreaching government is not the answer. That we must all fight the fight, to ensure that our rights and liberties are not confiscated by a bullying federal government.
 Thank you for all you do Senator Lee!

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