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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Lt. Colonel Oliver North

What would a Conservative convention be without this great American hero! Colonel North said his job at Fox News is to document the greatness of the U.S. Military. He says his heroes do not wear capes, they wear flack jackets, and put themselves in harm's way in places where it is 120 degrees. They are the best trained and equipped military force on the planet. They volunteer to be in far away places, away from their loved ones. Col. North says our Military deserves better than a Commander In Chief who will not identify our enemies for who they are, Islamic terrorists. He spoke of his 14 grandchildren, who will be left with massive amounts of debt. He does not want them do have a leader who is willing to negotiate with terrorists, but not the minority party in Washington.
  Col. North says the corruption in Washington is rampant. The government is broken, but We The People can fix it. We must make a commitment to create a government who will abide by the Constitution. We need elected officials who will live up to the oath of office they take when sworn in.
  It is our responsibility to hold this administration accountable for what happened in Benghazi, and for spying on our fellow citizens. Insist on the liberties endowed upon us by our Creator. If we want to remain the land of the free, we must show our friends and enemies that we truly are, the home of the brave.
  Thank you for your service Col. North, and for all you do!       

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