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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Dream or Nightmare?

  On Wednesday, America will remember Dr. Martin Luther King's historic "I have a dream" speech.
He gave this speech, one known around the world, at the Lincoln Memorial, fifty years ago, during the March on Washington.
  Much has changed in those fifty years. Gone are the ugly days of "colored only" signs, black people made to sit in the back of city buses, and separate eating facilities in restaurants. We have proven in America, that we can see the error of our ways, and be strong enough to correct them. This celebration is made even more tangible by the fact that it will be lead by our nation's first black President. A truly historic thing indeed.
  But what of Dr. King's dream? It is a dream all Americans share. But have we twisted his dream in ways that Dr. King never meant for it to be twisted?
  Today, the black unemployment rate stands at 13.4%, roughly double that of the national average of 7.4%. Out of wedlock births are a whopping 73% in the black community. Incarceration rates of black Americans is also extremely high. These are all ominous numbers. But there is another big problem that is emerging:
  Last week, Christopher Lane, 22, a native of Melbourne Australia, here in this country to attend college and play baseball, was gunned down by teen agers, 2 black 1 white. The reason given for the shooting? The suspects were "bored". One of the suspects had tweeted that he "hates white people", that they are "nasty".
  WWII vet, 88 year old Delbert Belton, known to his friends as "Shorty", beaten to death by two black teen agers with flashlights. Robbery being the probable motive.
  A few weeks ago, school bus camera footage of three black teen agers savagely beating a 13 year old white classmate. Among his many injuries, a broken arm. The motive, the 13 year old had possibly turned the boys in for selling drugs.
  Following the verdict in the George Zimmerman trial, stories of innocent white people being beaten by blacks, who proclaimed, "This is for Trayvon"! There are too many of these stories to list here.
  Add to this, men who will claim the mantle of God, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. They have done nothing more than brainwash generations of black Americans into believing that this nation has no desire to help them realize the dreams of success they envision for themselves. That their fellow citizens want nothing more than to keep them mired in poverty and hopelessness.
  They have made race an industry, which in turn has made them wealthy men. But perhaps the most sinister of all, they have assured an entire segment of the black population, that there is no need for them to look in a collective mirror, and take a good hard look at their own racism. That somehow, that particular brand of hate is OK, justified. The stooges in the mainstream media, unwilling to offend, or rock the boat, just encourage it, nodding their heads "yes", up and down, like the dutiful bobble heads they are.
  Unfortunately, racism is a human condition. All humans. It is a condition of the heart. We may never completely eradicate it. What we can do is stop it in it's evil path, where ever and when ever we see it. In whatever shape it may take.
  America is a place where all dreams can be realized. We are all the keepers of Dr. King's dream. We must all work to make that dream a reality, so that America truly will be free at last.           

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Show-Me The First Amendment

  Some funny things happened after Barack Obama was elected President. People started to read the Declaration of Independence. They started to read the Constitution. They started to read the precious documents that founded our nation.
  A certain segment of the population, call them Tea Partiers, crazy right-wingers, pick your pejorative, began to fully understand what then Candidate Obama meant when he said he would "fundamentally transform" the country.
  When the generation of peace and love took charge, you know, those champions of tolerance and free speech, they became the very thing they fought so hard against all throughout the 60's. They became "the man". They decided that anyone who disagreed with the President was a racist. Then they set about shutting them down.
  In Missouri, the center of the country, the heartland, where most people don't care a whole lot about what happens in far away places like New York City, a disturbing trend began to emerge. In 2009, a report by the Missouri Information Analysis Center, advised Law Enforcement to be on the lookout for "right-wing extremists". These of course were the people with "Don't Tread On Me", or Ron Paul bumper stickers on their cars. They have extreme views, like opposing illegal immigration or federal taxes. They were even branded domestic terrorists.
 Then, just a few weeks ago, a rodeo clown at the State Fair, did what rodeo clowns have done for years. He donned a presidential mask, and poked fun at the President. The remedy to that form of free speech? The unnamed clown has been banned from working as a rodeo clown in Missouri permanently. Just last weekend, there was a highway overpass "Impeach Obama" rally in St. Charles. Not only did the Highway Patrol attempt to remove ordinary Americans and keep them from exercising their first amendment rights, two of them were arrested when the "suggestion" that they leave was not followed, and jailed for 24 hours.
  So is the first amendment becoming an endangered species? How ironic. Usually endangered species are federally protected. That is not happening with this administration and this president. it will be, once again, up to ordinary Americans to do so. Freedom of speech is the heart and soul, the life blood of what it means to be an American. Our nation was formed by the debate and dissent of ordinary men, who believed that being able to stand up and say what you think about anything was paramount. Why, in Missouri of all places, is the first amendment being compromised? Missourians are no-nonsense people. They know that every other right we enjoy, given to us by our Creator, not our government, hinges on freedom of speech. Should it become extinct, we are no different than any other people on the planet. It is what defines our exceptionalism.
  Many an endangered species have been brought back from the brink of extinction. As a born and bred Missourian, I would hope that the Show-Me state does not become the show place for disappearing liberties.            

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Illinois Congressional Candidate Erika Harold

Our final speaker for this year's Smart Girl Summit is Miss America 2003, and now Congressional candidate in Illinois Erika Harold. Erika is also a graduate of Harvard Law School.
 Erika says that conferences like Smart Girl are important because it is vital to get motivated and organized.
  Erika spoke of the defining moment when she became a Conservative. She said in college, she began to read our nation's founding documents. She says that she started to see the perfection and genius of the founding fathers. She says that she would want her 4 year old niece to be like the women who have spoken at the conference. She stressed the importance of being a good public speaker. As Miss America, she spoke to middle school students about school violence and bullying. She said that the students did not expect the story she had to tell them. About being bullied herself in school, and had to leave that school as the bullying escalated to death threats.
  She says that standing up for your beliefs are part of what being a "Smart Girl" means. She has served on the late Chuck Colson's prison ministries. She spoke on the importance of religious freedom. She encouraged everyone to be a movement leader. It comes in many forms for many different people. Be the person who can make a change. Erika says she wants to be the one who shows that the Republican Party is inclusive. She says to not be afraid of failure. She said the biggest thing she was afraid of prior to announcing her candidacy, was that she might fail. Don't let fear of failure keep you from being who you want to be. people will call you names, and question your motives. Don't be afraid of it!
 Finally, believe that your voice needs to be heard. It matters what you have to say. Don't let the number of voices on TV and radio intimidate you. We at the Smart Girl Summit have to be the women to bring change.
  Thanks to Erika Harold for a truly inspirational speech!        

The GOP And Reaching Youth

Now, we will hear a panel discussion on reaching today's youth by the Conservative movement. On hand is new President of College Republicans Alex Smith, Conservative Blogger and Activist Tabitha Hale, Bethany Bowra, and Brittany Morrett.
  Reaching today's youth should be priority number 1 for Conservatives. Most young people today when they hear the word "conservative" think of their own fathers and grandfathers. They are not seen as compassionate. They need to hear the message that Conservatism is empowering for young people. Messaging has come up again and again this weekend. Young people are the most affected by pop culture, and that may be the way to reach them. It must be more than stale dry political messaging. TV shows like "Will and Grace", and "Sex and The City" are very influential to today's teenagers and twenty somethings. Terms like "big government" tends to make young people's eyes glaze over and they don't pay attention. Not everyone is a political nerd, so terms like "end the fed" and "sequestration" need to be taken to another level so that people who are not as tuned in politically can understand it.
  Tabitha Hale asked why don't conservatives have a Chelsea Handler or Jon Stewart? Conservative radio talk show host Tony Katz once said, "instead of the punch line being Sarah Palin, why isn't it Barack Obama?"
  It was brought up that usually, negative campaigns don't work. When young people start to see and hear the mudslinging, they tune out. Brittany brought up that a lot of young Conservatives are clean cut types that some other young people just don't relate to. Conservatives come in all forms and we need to go find all Conservatives, not just the squeaky clean ones, not that we don't love them too!
 Conservatives need to break the mold of what people, especially young people, think Conservatives are. On the vast majority of Conservative websites, the people who write for them are between the age of 24 and 55 and are white males. Many young people are just not into politics, so sometimes Conservative writers have to break out of the mold and write about something that is not political.
  Young people will respond if you make it fun and personalize the message. It was brought up that if voting began at age 30, Mitt Romney would be President today. The demographics are changing every day. Go to different venues that maybe we wouldn't normally go.
  One of the most important things when trying to influence young people is trust. Barack Obama appeals to young people because they think he is cool. Bill Clinton was a hit on The Arsenio Hall show playing the saxophone because it made him cool and hip to younger voters.
 The Conservative message of personal responsibility and smaller government is a good message that young people will listen to, but it is important to stay on message.
  As Conservatives, we believe that Conservative principles lead to a better life for everyone.            

Rant Like A Champ!

GOP activist Kira Davis will now talk about getting your videos to go viral. She got her start by posting a video aimed at Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai. The video went viral, and the White House was made aware of it. It got 1.3 million hits. She says that we now have the technology to be heard and seen at any time and any place. So how do you make a video that people will want to watch? First and foremost, speak from your heart. Speak about what you are passionate about. People will respond to passionate statements and arguments. It's something that ordinary people can do at anytime. If you have a subject that you are passionate about, make yourself an expert on that subject. Another important thing to remember, people love a good story. Kira says that the most difficult thing about sharing personal YouTube videos is telling what may be a painful story publically. But it must be told because it could be helpful to someone else. She also says that you should try to keep your video under 5 minutes. Otherwise people tend to tune out. Kira said that she has received some threats over her videos in the past, but nothing that was very significant. She said that you can't live your life in fear of other people constantly. She says that her faith is a very important and sustaining part of her life.
  Great ideas Kira! We will look forward to a whole bunch of videos from Smart Conservative Women! You are an inspiration!        

More On Citizen Journalism from The Franlkin Center

Still talking about citizen journalists, Ben Yount from the professional writers at The Franklin Center is going to give some pointers on the ins and outs of getting the story right.
  First of all, content is king! Fox News does not care about you, they want what you have on video. Even more important, KNOW THE LAWS! The main three things you want to know- be exclusive, be original, and...don't completely suck. Something is better than nothing. Try to have something that no one else does, don't be the 500th version of something everybody is talking about. If you are the only one with the video, people will have to come to you
  Use your own video, and by all means, keep a copy! make sure you do not edit out of context. Don't make people watch an hour to get to the 2 minutes you want people to see. for better video, hold your phone sideways.
  Make sure you have a plan if you are doing video work. How, when, where, how long, how much. Get the interviews right. You don't have to spend a lot of money to get good quality video. Good software is a must, by again, you don't have to spend tons of cash.
  Ben says the great thing about journalism, real journalism today, is that ordinary people are doing it. We may not all break a Watergate-like scandal, but you can take pictures and videos of things that just don't seem right, just don't pass the smell test, and dig deeper, and get them out there. If you see a professional journalist do it, then by all means, you can do it!
  Thanks Ben! Great presentation! And very helpful to all of us citizen journalists!  

"Community Organizer" James O'Keefe

Legend in the Conservative movement James O'Keefe is now speaking. He is talking about how he got his start in the Conservative movement, and will also be talking about his new book "Breakthrough". It is about how we must breakthrough the stranglehold of the Liberal Left-wing media.
  One of his first videos was a college video at Rutgers about banning the cereal Lucky Charms from campus because it encouraged stereotypes of Irish Americans! Of course the Liberal Elites at Rutgers did not want to appear "racist". Long story short, no more blue hears red stars or green flowers of Lucky Charms at Rutgers!
  He is also speaking about the New York newspaper who printed the names and addresses of all the gun owners in the county in which they lived. He then went to the homes of the journalists who printed these names and asked them if they would put a "gun free zone" sign in their front yard. Needless to say, they did not want to do it! Most stammered and said, "Well, I agree with you but....I don't know about a sign in the front yard...."
  He also went to Houston to the Organizing for America headquarters, the Obama 's fundraising organization. He asked them if they could help him vote twice, which is a felony. A woman there stated that she was registered to vote in Texas, and also as an absentee ballot in Florida. She said that if she could "make my voice heard twice, then I will". She was fired. The Democratic Party always describes these incidents as "isolated". But there never seems to be a shortage of them.
  He is encouraging everyone to be citizen journalists, and break the news on their own. He talked about Congressman Jim Moran of Virginia, whose son Patrick, was caught on tape giving advice on how to commit voter fraud. He resigned after this video came to light. Later, on CNN, Soledad O'Brien was seen grilling Democratic Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz about this incident. O'Keefe said, "That's called winning".
  As more of these videos come out from Project Veritas, many Liberal commentators and websites had to give O'Keefe and his team some begrudging props, that what he was doing was right.
  As Conservatives, we need to be the ones to break the news. He also said focus on the content.
  Keep up the good work James! We need you!

Jenny Beth Martin

First off, we will hear from Tea Party Patriots head JennyBeth Martin is speaking. She spoke of the first Tea Party spark by CNBC's Rick Santelli in 2009. When Conservatives get fired up and speak up, we scare the Republican establishment. She also is speaking of the IRS scandal. The establishment tries at every turn to silence tea party citizens. But we absolutely cannot let that happen! The IRS scandal goes so much deeper than what has been talked about and seen.
  JennyBeth encourages everyone to get as informed and educated about what your elected representatives are doing, and what they are voting on.
  Obama care will destroy everything that is good and works in American health care today. Congress and the big labor unions have all asked for exemptions from Obama care. If it so great then why don't they want it? Big business is also exempt from this nightmare that is about to descend on the American people. She encouraged everyone to get to townhall meetings this month while Congress is out of session. Republicans are acting no better than Democrats. They are acting as the ruling class, and forgetting completely about we the people. Call and contact your legislators and tell them to defund Obama care. Do not continue to spend money on this law that no one wants. The federal government is spending $684 million dollars on propaganda to promote Obama care. This is more than enough money to fund a presidential election. Why do they have to convince people that it is a good thing? Stand up and speak out.
  Thanks JennyBeth!   

Smart Girl 2013 Day 2

Welcome to Day 2 of the 2013 Smart Girl Summit! Today promises to be another great day! Citizen Journalist extraordinaire James O'Keefe will speaking today. Tonight at the banquet, Author of the blockbuster book "Fast and Furious" Katie Pavlich will headline the tonight's festivities!
  so sit back and relax, and I hope to be your ringside seat to the premier Conservative Women's gathering in the nation! It's gonna be a blast!   

Friday, August 9, 2013

Maryland Congresional Candidate Dan Bongino

Congressional candidate Dan Bongino is up next. He says the Left likes to talk about people as if they are in separate boxes. He says that the problem in the Republican Party is not a messaging problem, but a marketing problem. The mainstream media will tell us that so that they can get us to change the message. We also have a messenger problem. Especially with women 18-24years old.
  We are losing the umbrella economic argument because of "fairness". it is "unfair" for the rich to pay more. But Conservative policies are fair, and take care of the little guy every time they are tried. The one idea that Obama ran on and won was that the rich guys are screwing the little guys.
  The health care debate is not about health care, it is about control.
  The national GDP would rise to astounding levels if just the nation's inner city kids were allowed school choice and could go to a quality school. Republicans tend to get lost in the little arguments when debating Liberals.
  There is too much of us and them. There is the female vote, the Black vote, the Hispanic vote, there needs to just be the people vote. There is an epic battle for the hearts and minds of the American people. We need to ask ourselves what can we do as individuals to help fight it?
 Finish the race. Don't stop. Don't give up. Keep the faith.      

What Exactly Is Common Core?

  Common Core is permeating nearly every school district in the nation. But what is it really teaching our kids? Now we have a panel on what the Common Core agenda really is.
  Two trends in world education exist right now. Will parents be the ultimate teacher or will the government? Europe has gone the way of more and more governmental control. Standards and Assessments are at the heart of Common Core. In 2009, national educational standards were written in Washington D.C. Race To the Top is embedded in federal stimulus money. If local school districts signed on, they were promised federal money. Standards say what the textbooks books will cover. Teacher evaluation is based on how their students do on testing. Common Core tests are all done online. That means that every student in every school must have access to a computer. This is very expensive for most school districts. So cost is a big concern. Common Core proponents will say that the testing is "internationally bench marked". That is not true. Common Core is not controlled by the State Education Department. No one will be excused from Common Core testing. Private and homeschooled students must be taught Common core standards in order to take college entrance exams such as ACT and SAT tests. The Government will begin to start collecting data on students such as whether or not there are weapons in the home, religious affiliations, some medical information, and much more.
  Teachers are now being forced to follow the Common Core Template. It is all about "leveling the playing field". The NEA is one of the largest contributors to the Democratic Party. The government is attempting to close the gap in test scores between black students and white students. Traditionally, education was the job of parents. Now the federal government wants to swoop in and take over.
 One of the things the government wants to do is to take away classical literature from the classroom. The founding fathers, Ronald Reagan, Abraham Lincoln will not be taught. Instead, it will be social justice, Che Guiverra, Barack Obama. Green energy will be taught as science. This is nothing more than indoctrination.
  The best way to find out who is financing Common Core, follow the money. Bill Gates is a huge fundraiser for this. Many prominent politicians are getting behind this. Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush and former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee among them.
  Common Core will take creativity and individuality away from the education of American children, and turn them into social justice robots. That is the aim of Common Core and those who support it.
  The best thing that states can do to fight against government data mining of students is to pass privacy laws.
  Common Core is nothing more than more government intrusion into the lives of the American people.       

Fighting Women On The Left

We will now listen to a forum on how to fight Women on the left. We have all heard of the GOP's "war on women" that the left loves to ramble on about, but who is really waging that so-called "war"?
  Tami Nantz, co-founder of Smart Girl Politics, Hadley Heath, Colleen Holcomb, and also a co-founder and President of Smart Girl Politics Stacy Mott.
  Turnout tends to be higher among women. Young voters tend to be much more Democratic. However, young voters are not always the most reliable. Within the ranks of women, married women vote more often than single women, but single women voted overwhelmingly voted for Barack Obama. Among people who stated that "compassion" was an important trait among candidates, they also voted very strongly for President Obama and Democrats.
 What are some factors that might drive the gender gap among voters? One thing that is being brought up is that perhaps Conservatives have not traditionally brought forth good role models. That maybe Conservatives have backed themselves into a corner. Many Conservatives all too often, get elected, get to Washington, and forget the values and principles that got them elected. That the success that Democrats have had in selling the "war on women" is maybe a reflection of Conservatives failure to produce a counter to a Sandra Fluke.
  Could the real war on women be all the female owned businesses that will have to shut their doors because of a terrible economy, and strangling governmental regulation. How many women have, or will lose their jobs, not only because of the Obama economy, but because of impending universal health care? So many women on the Left claim to speak for all women and they most certainly do not!
  From an international perspective, does the United States look small when they see us arguing about all of the drugs that the left says must be covered, including contraception, when around the world, so many women are struggling to not be treated as second class citizens? It must seem pretty silly if you are a woman in Saudi Arabia, who cannot drive or go out of the house by herself.
  So what can women do in the future to fight the left and their "war on women"? Focus on the real wars, the unemployment lines, the gas pumps, and anywhere that grassroots work will truly make a difference. Make sure to hold your Legislators accountable for what they do and do not vote on. Let them know we are watching.
  The story the left's "life of Julia" ad campaign was successful, not because she was portrayed being dependent on the government throughout her life, but it was, at it's core, a positive story. The problem of messaging is a re-occurring theme. Fundraising is also a big problem. Liberal women's organizations out fundraise Conservatives 5-1. Democrats tend to make women a priority.
  Conservatives need to use their networks of bloggers, writers, radio hosts, and commentators to get the Conservative message out. Again, don't just preach to the choir, but go places that maybe no one has heard that message.
  Conservatives also need to use the left's terms against them. When they talk about women's rights, talk about your right to things such as self defense, and not reduce the term "women's rights" to merely reproductive rights. Throw the word "extreme" right back. So many of the left's views are definitely extreme. The left also has the mainstream media in their corner, and many times it seems to be a hopeless cause. That is where most of new media, mostly Conservative come in. so many people, especially young people, get their news online first. We must use that.
  A big problem is that Conservatives tend to "eat their own". When women like Christine O'Donnell and Sarah Palin run for office, they are not supported. That problem also exist in Conservative media. The people who have "made it" and become successful, do not seem to remember where they came from and help the bloggers, writers, etc., who are coming along behind them. It scares away a lot of women who may be considering running for office, or considering starting to write.
  Successful left wing PAC's like EMILY's List are hugely successful. They are well funded, and in fact, EMILY's list is branching off to start a new PAC. Conservatives  must learn to be better fundraisers.
 Be a Conservative "Community Organizer"!     

Minority Outreach Panel

We are now listening to a panel on Conservative messaging to minority communities. The panel includes Brittany Morrett, blogger and activist Adrienne Ross, and is being led by Kira Davis.
  One question is, should the Republican Party have a specific person or persons designated for "minority outreach"? The subject of marketing came up. Brittany explained how one might market the conservative message to different people. She used the example of selling a car. You will market the same car differently to a 16 year old boy than you would to a 67 year old woman.
  Adrienne Ross said what many have said, that the GOP should not announce that they want a new black friend, just do it! Go to places that you would not normally go. Get out of your comfort zone and just go talk to people. Chances are, they will listen.
  Brittany asked the question, do Conservatives have any sort of groups such as La Raza? The answer is, they do not. If voting trends of Hispanics continuing to vote Democrat, Republicans will become a regional party. One out of five Hispanics vote Democratic.
  Adrienne asked if we are willing to articulate our message in a way that Blacks and Hispanics will relate to?
 Kira asked what are the top questions that Black and Hispanic voters are asking in various communities represented by Smart Girl Attendees. Brittany brought up immigration as a top priority in the Hispanic community. This went back to something that Adrienne said about being unafraid to bring up uncomfortable but necessary questions.
  Brittany also said a top priority for Hispanics is education. A "home run".
Adrienne brought up the fact that even though unemployment among the black community is soaring, yet Obama's "coolness factor" with black voters tends to override these facts.
 Kira explained that one way to fight the coolness factor is for people to "stop raising politicians". Andrew Breitbart one said that politics is down stream from culture, therefore one definitely effects the other. She also said that Conservatives need to get rid of their sometime "get off my lawn" mentality.
  All the panelists agreed that the best approach is to come at people from a place of love. It doesn't solve all the problems, but it can go a long way.
  An audience member mentioned the entitlement society we live in. It goes across the spectrum. it is not just a minority problem. However, we cannot assume that someone votes Democrat strictly from an entitlement standpoint.
  Another audience member suggested college and church youth organizations. The GOP is sorely in need of being seen in these communities.
  Democrats are always in black churches, yet they are always the ones complaining about separation of church and state, yet they are there. Republicans need to be there too.
 Bottom line. Watch our rhetoric, learn how to market freedom.      

Welcome To Smart Girl 2013

As we say on Conservative Cauldron radio, good Friday afternoon to all! We are LIVE from Indianapolis at the 2013 Smart Girl Summit! The next two days will be filled with tons of great speakers and a whole lot more! Right now, we are listening to opening speaker, Indiana Lt. Gov. Sue Ellspermann. She is speaking about women in public service. She is a relative newcomer to elected office. She said that if someone had told her 5 years ago she would be standing here at SGP2013 speaking to the crowd, she said she would have said they were nuts! But here she is! A week before her first legislative election, she was 10 points down. She said she would not run a dirty campaign. Long story short, she won 52-48 percent a week later. Ellspermann was very instrumental in getting Right To Work passed in Indiana. She also serves on several Indiana State Legislative committees, including the Agriculture Committee.
  Ellspermann spoke about electing many more women in the nation's Statehouses. She also says that women should set a higher bar in their behavior. Be authentic. Tell people who you are, and what you plan to do. Do not mudsling! it does not set the bar high. The Republican Party needs women more than women need the Party. Remember that should you decide to run for public office. Studies have shown that when women are asked to run for office, they accept, and more often than not, they win.
  Sue Ellspermann is a great opening for this year's summit!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Boys Will Be Boys

It has gone on, almost literally, since the beginning of time. Powerful men, or wannabe powerful men, having illicit relationships with women who happen not to be their wives.
  John Kennedy was notorious for his extra-curricular activities, his affair with Marilyn Monroe was no secret. Horndog behavior seems to know no party affiliation. Republican Louisiana Senator David Vitter admitted being unfaithful in his marriage a few years back. More recently, former Governor, now Republican Congressman from South Carolina, Mark Sanford gave new meaning to "hiking the Appalachian Trail", when it was discovered in 2009 that he had given both his family and his staff the slip, and was in Argentina with a mistress. A mistress who is now his wife.
  But when it comes to, well, gettin' a little on the side, no one can top those Liberal Democrats! From JFK, RFK, and almost anyone else named Kennedy, to Elliot Spitzer, husband and father of the year John Edwards, Bill Clinton, San Diego Mayor creepy Bob Filner, and that oh so smooth operator, Carlos Danger himself, Anthony Weiner. The boys from the blue states, appropriately enough, keep meeting up with other women, and keep getting very publicly busted.
  In light of Weiner-gate, a rumor of a long hidden Bill Clinton-Monica Lewinsky sex tape is surfacing. Just as front runner for 2016 Hillary Clinton is readying herself for campaign mode. The question is, what is it with these guys?! Is it because Liberal Democrats don't talk about "family values", they think it will all just slide under the radar? Thanks to a complicit media, who thinks the small print in their job description says, "cover Democrat butt", it most likely will. Unless the object of your affections goes public. In Weiner's case, his BFF Sydney Leathers.
  The women in these raunchy tales are not without blame. Not at all. Every one of them knows the man in question is married. In Weiner's case, at the time of his first outing, with a wife in the early stages of pregnancy. Is a man who has his name and face in the spotlight every day too much of an aphrodisiac? Is this age of "it's not my fault" lack of personal responsibility the possible culprit? It's anyone's guess. It is quite apparent however, that if there is a "D" after your name, not only do your peccadilloes have a better chance of being swept under the rug, they may just be a resume enhancement.
  Alas, this completely unacceptable behavior will continue. The men will apologize over and over, and the women will write books, and/or continue to provide audio, if not video footage of all of the tawdry goings-on.
  With Liberal Democrats around to provide all of the "entertainment", who needs reality TV?