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Friday, August 9, 2013

Minority Outreach Panel

We are now listening to a panel on Conservative messaging to minority communities. The panel includes Brittany Morrett, blogger and activist Adrienne Ross, and is being led by Kira Davis.
  One question is, should the Republican Party have a specific person or persons designated for "minority outreach"? The subject of marketing came up. Brittany explained how one might market the conservative message to different people. She used the example of selling a car. You will market the same car differently to a 16 year old boy than you would to a 67 year old woman.
  Adrienne Ross said what many have said, that the GOP should not announce that they want a new black friend, just do it! Go to places that you would not normally go. Get out of your comfort zone and just go talk to people. Chances are, they will listen.
  Brittany asked the question, do Conservatives have any sort of groups such as La Raza? The answer is, they do not. If voting trends of Hispanics continuing to vote Democrat, Republicans will become a regional party. One out of five Hispanics vote Democratic.
  Adrienne asked if we are willing to articulate our message in a way that Blacks and Hispanics will relate to?
 Kira asked what are the top questions that Black and Hispanic voters are asking in various communities represented by Smart Girl Attendees. Brittany brought up immigration as a top priority in the Hispanic community. This went back to something that Adrienne said about being unafraid to bring up uncomfortable but necessary questions.
  Brittany also said a top priority for Hispanics is education. A "home run".
Adrienne brought up the fact that even though unemployment among the black community is soaring, yet Obama's "coolness factor" with black voters tends to override these facts.
 Kira explained that one way to fight the coolness factor is for people to "stop raising politicians". Andrew Breitbart one said that politics is down stream from culture, therefore one definitely effects the other. She also said that Conservatives need to get rid of their sometime "get off my lawn" mentality.
  All the panelists agreed that the best approach is to come at people from a place of love. It doesn't solve all the problems, but it can go a long way.
  An audience member mentioned the entitlement society we live in. It goes across the spectrum. it is not just a minority problem. However, we cannot assume that someone votes Democrat strictly from an entitlement standpoint.
  Another audience member suggested college and church youth organizations. The GOP is sorely in need of being seen in these communities.
  Democrats are always in black churches, yet they are always the ones complaining about separation of church and state, yet they are there. Republicans need to be there too.
 Bottom line. Watch our rhetoric, learn how to market freedom.      

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