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Saturday, August 10, 2013

More On Citizen Journalism from The Franlkin Center

Still talking about citizen journalists, Ben Yount from the professional writers at The Franklin Center is going to give some pointers on the ins and outs of getting the story right.
  First of all, content is king! Fox News does not care about you, they want what you have on video. Even more important, KNOW THE LAWS! The main three things you want to know- be exclusive, be original, and...don't completely suck. Something is better than nothing. Try to have something that no one else does, don't be the 500th version of something everybody is talking about. If you are the only one with the video, people will have to come to you
  Use your own video, and by all means, keep a copy! make sure you do not edit out of context. Don't make people watch an hour to get to the 2 minutes you want people to see. for better video, hold your phone sideways.
  Make sure you have a plan if you are doing video work. How, when, where, how long, how much. Get the interviews right. You don't have to spend a lot of money to get good quality video. Good software is a must, by again, you don't have to spend tons of cash.
  Ben says the great thing about journalism, real journalism today, is that ordinary people are doing it. We may not all break a Watergate-like scandal, but you can take pictures and videos of things that just don't seem right, just don't pass the smell test, and dig deeper, and get them out there. If you see a professional journalist do it, then by all means, you can do it!
  Thanks Ben! Great presentation! And very helpful to all of us citizen journalists!  

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