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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Dream or Nightmare?

  On Wednesday, America will remember Dr. Martin Luther King's historic "I have a dream" speech.
He gave this speech, one known around the world, at the Lincoln Memorial, fifty years ago, during the March on Washington.
  Much has changed in those fifty years. Gone are the ugly days of "colored only" signs, black people made to sit in the back of city buses, and separate eating facilities in restaurants. We have proven in America, that we can see the error of our ways, and be strong enough to correct them. This celebration is made even more tangible by the fact that it will be lead by our nation's first black President. A truly historic thing indeed.
  But what of Dr. King's dream? It is a dream all Americans share. But have we twisted his dream in ways that Dr. King never meant for it to be twisted?
  Today, the black unemployment rate stands at 13.4%, roughly double that of the national average of 7.4%. Out of wedlock births are a whopping 73% in the black community. Incarceration rates of black Americans is also extremely high. These are all ominous numbers. But there is another big problem that is emerging:
  Last week, Christopher Lane, 22, a native of Melbourne Australia, here in this country to attend college and play baseball, was gunned down by teen agers, 2 black 1 white. The reason given for the shooting? The suspects were "bored". One of the suspects had tweeted that he "hates white people", that they are "nasty".
  WWII vet, 88 year old Delbert Belton, known to his friends as "Shorty", beaten to death by two black teen agers with flashlights. Robbery being the probable motive.
  A few weeks ago, school bus camera footage of three black teen agers savagely beating a 13 year old white classmate. Among his many injuries, a broken arm. The motive, the 13 year old had possibly turned the boys in for selling drugs.
  Following the verdict in the George Zimmerman trial, stories of innocent white people being beaten by blacks, who proclaimed, "This is for Trayvon"! There are too many of these stories to list here.
  Add to this, men who will claim the mantle of God, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. They have done nothing more than brainwash generations of black Americans into believing that this nation has no desire to help them realize the dreams of success they envision for themselves. That their fellow citizens want nothing more than to keep them mired in poverty and hopelessness.
  They have made race an industry, which in turn has made them wealthy men. But perhaps the most sinister of all, they have assured an entire segment of the black population, that there is no need for them to look in a collective mirror, and take a good hard look at their own racism. That somehow, that particular brand of hate is OK, justified. The stooges in the mainstream media, unwilling to offend, or rock the boat, just encourage it, nodding their heads "yes", up and down, like the dutiful bobble heads they are.
  Unfortunately, racism is a human condition. All humans. It is a condition of the heart. We may never completely eradicate it. What we can do is stop it in it's evil path, where ever and when ever we see it. In whatever shape it may take.
  America is a place where all dreams can be realized. We are all the keepers of Dr. King's dream. We must all work to make that dream a reality, so that America truly will be free at last.           

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  1. I don't understand how this went so sour. BH Obama gave change, alright...