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Friday, August 9, 2013

Fighting Women On The Left

We will now listen to a forum on how to fight Women on the left. We have all heard of the GOP's "war on women" that the left loves to ramble on about, but who is really waging that so-called "war"?
  Tami Nantz, co-founder of Smart Girl Politics, Hadley Heath, Colleen Holcomb, and also a co-founder and President of Smart Girl Politics Stacy Mott.
  Turnout tends to be higher among women. Young voters tend to be much more Democratic. However, young voters are not always the most reliable. Within the ranks of women, married women vote more often than single women, but single women voted overwhelmingly voted for Barack Obama. Among people who stated that "compassion" was an important trait among candidates, they also voted very strongly for President Obama and Democrats.
 What are some factors that might drive the gender gap among voters? One thing that is being brought up is that perhaps Conservatives have not traditionally brought forth good role models. That maybe Conservatives have backed themselves into a corner. Many Conservatives all too often, get elected, get to Washington, and forget the values and principles that got them elected. That the success that Democrats have had in selling the "war on women" is maybe a reflection of Conservatives failure to produce a counter to a Sandra Fluke.
  Could the real war on women be all the female owned businesses that will have to shut their doors because of a terrible economy, and strangling governmental regulation. How many women have, or will lose their jobs, not only because of the Obama economy, but because of impending universal health care? So many women on the Left claim to speak for all women and they most certainly do not!
  From an international perspective, does the United States look small when they see us arguing about all of the drugs that the left says must be covered, including contraception, when around the world, so many women are struggling to not be treated as second class citizens? It must seem pretty silly if you are a woman in Saudi Arabia, who cannot drive or go out of the house by herself.
  So what can women do in the future to fight the left and their "war on women"? Focus on the real wars, the unemployment lines, the gas pumps, and anywhere that grassroots work will truly make a difference. Make sure to hold your Legislators accountable for what they do and do not vote on. Let them know we are watching.
  The story the left's "life of Julia" ad campaign was successful, not because she was portrayed being dependent on the government throughout her life, but it was, at it's core, a positive story. The problem of messaging is a re-occurring theme. Fundraising is also a big problem. Liberal women's organizations out fundraise Conservatives 5-1. Democrats tend to make women a priority.
  Conservatives need to use their networks of bloggers, writers, radio hosts, and commentators to get the Conservative message out. Again, don't just preach to the choir, but go places that maybe no one has heard that message.
  Conservatives also need to use the left's terms against them. When they talk about women's rights, talk about your right to things such as self defense, and not reduce the term "women's rights" to merely reproductive rights. Throw the word "extreme" right back. So many of the left's views are definitely extreme. The left also has the mainstream media in their corner, and many times it seems to be a hopeless cause. That is where most of new media, mostly Conservative come in. so many people, especially young people, get their news online first. We must use that.
  A big problem is that Conservatives tend to "eat their own". When women like Christine O'Donnell and Sarah Palin run for office, they are not supported. That problem also exist in Conservative media. The people who have "made it" and become successful, do not seem to remember where they came from and help the bloggers, writers, etc., who are coming along behind them. It scares away a lot of women who may be considering running for office, or considering starting to write.
  Successful left wing PAC's like EMILY's List are hugely successful. They are well funded, and in fact, EMILY's list is branching off to start a new PAC. Conservatives  must learn to be better fundraisers.
 Be a Conservative "Community Organizer"!     

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