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Sunday, February 24, 2013

How Much Are We Willing To Take?

  When Barack Obama won re-election, most Conservatives knew that there was plenty more coming from the Liberal well of absurdity that is the Obama administration. But at what point does an irritating trial balloon become a constant finger in the eye of the American people just to see how far we can be pushed?
  The more we find out about Obama care, we find out that, A-the administration was less than truthful about many parts of it. No doubt just so it would pass, and B-it is, as we predicted, going to be a costly monstrosity. But elections have consequences, and the consequences of Obama care will only continue to get outrageous.
  Because of a mentally deranged individual who managed to get his hands on a weapon, go to an elementary school, and murder 27 people, there is a not too subtle attempt to disarm law abiding citizens. With over 9,000 gun laws currently on the books, Democratic lawmakers want still more laws. All this does is infringe on the second amendment rights of Americans. This gun-grabbing attempt by Liberals will not be taken lightly by gun-owners. They are well-versed in their Constitutional rights. This is a group of American citizens who are definitely not willing to take much more.
  Any poll you look at, the number one concern for Americans is jobs and the economy. However, since Obama took office in 2009, eight million people have left the work force. Many of those people have simply stopped looking for work. The unemployment rate continues to hover around 8%. Small businesses are smothered under the weight of more and more government regulation, and with impending health care, are unable to hire new employees or upgrade by buying new equipment. How much more will this group of hard working Americans be expected to take?
  On September 11, 2012, four Americans were killed when the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi Libya was attacked. Answers about who did what that night have trickled out at a snail's pace. Hillary Clinton has stepped down as Secretary of State, and gone home to Chapequa with no more than a bad day testifying before a Senate committee. We still don't know who the survivors of this attack are, and the latest eye-poke to national security is the nomination of former Nebraska Senator Chuck Hagel for Secretary of Defense. Hagel went into his Senate confirmation hearing so obviously unprepared and unqualified for the position he was nominated for that one must wonder if this is the level of importance that the President places on the defense of this nation. Is the dismantling of the Military the real agenda? Many on the right are of the opinion that Barack Obama feels that America is just too full of herself. How much more are the brave men and women of America's Military going to be expected to take?
  Topping this all off is a fawning and complicit media ready to cover for this administration at all costs. They cater to a low information population, most of whom can't name one Senator from their state, but know the winner from every season of American Idol. They see us as bumbling fools and idiots. They decide what we need to know, and when, and why and how we need to know it.
  How many more fingers in the eye are Americans who know what is happening to our country willing to take?
  How long before we must decide what time the revolution begins?     

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Will Rubio Get "Palinized"? You Bet 'cha!

  When Sarah Palin came into the public eye in 2008, she was a breath of fresh air. Even though she was a two-term Governor of Alaska, being north of the lower 48 gave her some insulation from the dysfunctional circus that is the mainstream media. But as soon as someone took a long hard look, well, something had to be done about this! A two-term Governor who had taken on cronyism in her own State Party, attractive, smart, likable, happy marriage, nice family, and related well to ordinary people. She maybe was not the most articulate person ever, but she said what she believed and lived her values.
  No sooner had she been announced as John McCain's Vice Presidential pick, the goons in the mainstream media made a beeline to Wasilla Alaska to go through the Palin's trashcans. Quite a feat actually when you think about it. After all, how many of the Manhattan Elite media could even spell Wasilla, much less find it on a map and go there.
  They did their very best to surgically tear her apart. They used everything they could to make her look stupid, incompetent, a hayseed, a hick, a rube. Charlie Gibson and Katie Couric did their part to make it look like Palin was illiterate. If she did not read Time or Newsweek, how could she possibly be "informed"?
  Enter Florida Senator Marco Rubio. Rubio gave the Response to the State of the Union address on Tuesday night. He is every Liberal Democrat's worst nightmare. He is young, good-looking, smart, a family man. He has an American Dream story that is hard to top. The son of Cuban immigrants who came to America to escape Fidel Castro. His father worked as a bartender, his mother a maid. They knew America would offer their children unlimited possibilities. He articulates Conservative principles in a way that has not been seen in quite a while. And the scariest part for Liberals, he connects with people. He can look into a camera in a way that Joe Six-pack knows he is speaking to him personally. When he reached for a bottle of water while giving the response Tuesday night, Liberals knew that this was their chance. If they could make Rubio look foolish in any way, and spark national outrage over a simple case of dry mouth, well, they had better jump on it.
  Rubio is a rising star in the GOP. He is not going away any time soon. He is already being talked about as a possible Presidential candidate in 2016. That means, by next week, there will be a swarm of no-name reporters descending on West Miami to dig through the Rubio household refuse. They will hunt down old girlfriends, college roommates, and old political foes. All in an effort to discredit him, and make him appear incompetent and unfit for any other elected office.
  Luckily, for Marco Rubio, and any other Conservative contemplating a run for office, they had a front row seat to the media's attempted destruction of Sarah Palin. They know what is coming. They know what to expect. Think they are prepared?
  You bet 'cha.       

Sunday, February 10, 2013

An Evening with Toure

  Anyone who has lived in St. Louis for any length of time knows that St. Louis University is a Catholic institution. One would expect that they would follow the doctrine and teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. So it was a little curious for a little Witch like me to see that on Thursday, February 7, SLU had invited controversial MSNBC commentator Toure, to speak as part of a Black History Month celebration.
  The members of St. Louis-based, a group of Black Conservatives, also thought this idea just a little odd. Not so much for the blatant disregard for Catholic ideology, but for the fact that Toure is very publicly, and quite militantly pro-choice. It would also seem that Toure does not know much black history himself. The facts are that abortion is quite a big problem in the black community. Roughly 1900 black babies are aborted every day in the United States. It is also no secret that early Progressives like Margaret Sanger founded Planned Parenthood as a means of black genocide. Even if the University invited this person to speak, why at the very least wasn't someone of an opposing viewpoint invited as well? Is that not what colleges and universities are for? For the free and open exchange of ideas? Apparently not at St. Louis University.
  So Move-On-Up planned a protest. They protested outside the hall where Toure was speaking. The protest went well. Then, the Move-On-Up members were invited to come in to hear the presentation. Some of them did just that. Your humble correspondent among them. We seated ourselves in the back of the auditorium, and proceeded to listen to Toure attempt to indoctrinate a group of young black college students, telling them that America was inherently racist, and because of that, they really did not have a fair chance at the American Dream. He rambled on, seemingly all over the place, about oppression, rap music, "Afrocentrism", and "white privilege". We talked amongst ourselves, or so we thought, until we were escorted out of the auditorium because someone had complained that "we were making the students uncomfortable by some of our comments." Huh?
  So we walked into the hallway with who I assume was someone from the Black Students Association. Co-founder of Move-On-Up, Martin Baker asked if he could speak to Toure after the program. He was told he could. On one condition. That he ask no questions about abortion, or Toure's very incendiary recent comments regarding abortion. Hooray for free speech at St. Louis University!
  The Black Student Association spoke with members of Move-On-Up outside after the program. They did agree to have someone from Move-On-Up come to speak to them. So there is hope. Hope that at least a small portion of a generation of young African-Americans will not let this MTV reject indoctrinate them into believing that all white people are racist, that they do not have to depend on government for everything in their life, and that the American Dream is alive and well, and can be achieved no matter who you are, if you are willing to work for it.
  St. Louis University on the other hand, maybe should do a little research in the future on who they invite as their speakers. Is the advancement of liberalism higher up on their agenda than the protection of the unborn and remaining a well-respected Catholic institution?
A healthy dose of free speech couldn't hurt either.             

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Random Thoughts

  Thought I would multi task today and talk about a couple of things. Karl Rove is making friends fast in the TEA Party. His PAC, American Crossroads, has formed a new group called Conservative Victory Project. This new group is designed to target and back Republican candidates they deem "electable". The whole thing stems from the ill fated campaign of Missouri Senate Candidate Todd Akin who, while enjoying a 10 point lead over his opponent, Democrat Claire McCaskill last fall, made some really dumb comments about rape. Every Republican, except the ones who actually live in Missouri, and were familiar with Show Me State politics, called for him to get out of the race.
  Apparently, Karl has forgotten about his less than accurate presidential election predictions. In a Fox News interview dated Nov. 1, the headline reads, "Mitt Romney will be our next President." Really?
  This is the problem with Rove and the gang. They back the same establishment, Washington beltway Republican 2.0 candidates that don't have any better track record than Rove. They lose. With the ascendancy of the TEA Party in 2010, they too targeted candidates they thought could win. But they were candidates who they felt embodied core Conservative, not necessarily Republican values, and would not abandon those values once they got to Washington. Many of them won, and the GOP enjoyed a landslide victory. The TEA Party seems to be a problem for Rove. Everyday Americans, making their voices heard, and backing the candidates of their choice, not those of some Washington insider. A civil war within the Republican Party would make Democrats giddier than schoolgirls, and would be a huge distraction at a time when the Party as a whole needs to come together and be focused on winning, and winning with the most conservative candidates. Rove claims this is not the intent, but it looks like to a lot of people, that a rift between the "Establishment", and the TEA Party may be brewing.
  Just when you thought Ron Paul might be at home in Texas watering his lawn or something, he decided to put his two cents in on the tragic death of former Navy SEAL, and decorated sniper Chris Kyle. Kyle and a friend were murdered on Saturday by a fellow veteran at a Texas firing range. In response to Kyle's death, Paul took to Twitter and said,"Chris Kyle's death seems to confirm that 'he who lives by the sword dies by the sword'. Treating PTSD at a firing range doesn't make sense."
  Well, actually, it does. Vets who suffer from PTSD are often taken to the firing range. Anyone in the Military will tell you that your weapons skills become second nature to you. Taking a fellow vet suffering from PTSD to a firing range is sort of like getting someone who rides a horse and has a particularly bad fall right back in the saddle. It's all about familiar surroundings.
  For Ron Paul to post such an ignorant, uninformed comment only confirms what so many of us already knew, that he would have been completely unqualified to be the Commander In Chief. Chris Kyle, an American hero by any definition, did not need the comments of an anti-war, foreign policy nightmare like Ron Paul. How about if Congressman Paul merely gave his condolences to Chris's family? How about if Ron Paul realized that it was the sacrifices of men and women like Chris Kyle who afforded him the right to say dim-witted things such as these? It was truly a slap in the face to all active and retired Military heroes. The next day, Paul tried to "clarify" his statements, but ya' know, once that Genie is out of the bottle, it's a little hard to shove her back in!
  So in conclusion, Hey Karl, maybe it is time for you to retire, go home to Texas, and water your lawn or something. Hey Ron, stop yelling at those kids to get off of your lawn!
  To the family and friends of Chris Kyle, our deep and sincere sympathy for your loss. America was lucky to have him on the front lines protecting us. We will do our best to help you keep his memory alive.

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