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Sunday, February 24, 2013

How Much Are We Willing To Take?

  When Barack Obama won re-election, most Conservatives knew that there was plenty more coming from the Liberal well of absurdity that is the Obama administration. But at what point does an irritating trial balloon become a constant finger in the eye of the American people just to see how far we can be pushed?
  The more we find out about Obama care, we find out that, A-the administration was less than truthful about many parts of it. No doubt just so it would pass, and B-it is, as we predicted, going to be a costly monstrosity. But elections have consequences, and the consequences of Obama care will only continue to get outrageous.
  Because of a mentally deranged individual who managed to get his hands on a weapon, go to an elementary school, and murder 27 people, there is a not too subtle attempt to disarm law abiding citizens. With over 9,000 gun laws currently on the books, Democratic lawmakers want still more laws. All this does is infringe on the second amendment rights of Americans. This gun-grabbing attempt by Liberals will not be taken lightly by gun-owners. They are well-versed in their Constitutional rights. This is a group of American citizens who are definitely not willing to take much more.
  Any poll you look at, the number one concern for Americans is jobs and the economy. However, since Obama took office in 2009, eight million people have left the work force. Many of those people have simply stopped looking for work. The unemployment rate continues to hover around 8%. Small businesses are smothered under the weight of more and more government regulation, and with impending health care, are unable to hire new employees or upgrade by buying new equipment. How much more will this group of hard working Americans be expected to take?
  On September 11, 2012, four Americans were killed when the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi Libya was attacked. Answers about who did what that night have trickled out at a snail's pace. Hillary Clinton has stepped down as Secretary of State, and gone home to Chapequa with no more than a bad day testifying before a Senate committee. We still don't know who the survivors of this attack are, and the latest eye-poke to national security is the nomination of former Nebraska Senator Chuck Hagel for Secretary of Defense. Hagel went into his Senate confirmation hearing so obviously unprepared and unqualified for the position he was nominated for that one must wonder if this is the level of importance that the President places on the defense of this nation. Is the dismantling of the Military the real agenda? Many on the right are of the opinion that Barack Obama feels that America is just too full of herself. How much more are the brave men and women of America's Military going to be expected to take?
  Topping this all off is a fawning and complicit media ready to cover for this administration at all costs. They cater to a low information population, most of whom can't name one Senator from their state, but know the winner from every season of American Idol. They see us as bumbling fools and idiots. They decide what we need to know, and when, and why and how we need to know it.
  How many more fingers in the eye are Americans who know what is happening to our country willing to take?
  How long before we must decide what time the revolution begins?     


  1. There does appear to be an agenda by this administration or through this administration. Perhaps the UN is the puppet master. The agenda appears to be a systematic dismantling of the power of the USA. Defunding the military, disarming the citizenry, promoting corruption, indefinate detention, promoting dependence on the government, putting more and more power into DHS, DOJ, FEMA, human services, all of these agencies are working to quickly take away our constitutional rights. They have powers to circumvent the constitution. The liberal majority that now exists in our country are sheeple not only are they oblivious to the agenda but are helping to promot it. By spouting socialist rhetoric at every conservative that tries to point out injustices.

  2. This group of usurpers standing behind that heading is soooo preposterous! But on a very positive note, I am so proud of our police in Colorado! Yesterday they stood with and for the people to call out Obama, on his corrupt agenda, and on him trying to use Denver's uniformed police as a backdrop to promote his disarmament agenda. Our officers stood up for our 2nd amendment rights. There is hope now because our local news actually covered this protest honestly. I have been protesting corruption since 2007 and this is the first time the local news has actually covered and aired the truth!!