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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Can't We All Just Get Along?

  We Americans are a welcoming bunch. We love meeting people from all over the world, asking them questions about their home countries, and we are eager to share with them, all of the things that make America the exceptional, amazing place that it is.
  Within the last few years however, some people have come here for reasons other than becoming Americans. They come for jobs and education, and unfortunately, sometimes they come for more sinister purposes. And they have no desire whatsoever to assimilate.
  Ironically, since September 11, 2001, the Muslim population in America has grown exponentially. For the most part, they are peaceful, hard working people. But for a small faction, it seems as if it is all about imposing their way of life on us.
  From writer and blogger Debbie Schlussel, comes the story of 24 year old Kevin McCarron. McCarron and a group of friends from Andover Massachusetts were leaving a pizza parlor in New York's Greenwich Village on January 17 around 5am when they encountered a group of Middle-Eastern men. Words were exchanged between the two groups. The Muslim men claimed someone in McCarron's group called them "f--- Arabs." The Muslims proceeded to produce a tire iron, bat, and other weapons from the trunk of a car. How convenient for them that they just happen to have these weapons on hand. McCarron's skull was fractured so severely, that he may have permanent damage. According to Schlussel, McCarron "was beaten for the 'crime' of being a non-Muslim tourist in Greenwich Village".
  If one is looking for any accounts of this story at all, you will only find them online. The mainstream media, of course, would not dream of being so politically incorrect as to put any Muslims in a possible bad light. CBS News online, The New York Daily News, and even the local Andover Massachusetts paper, The Eagle Tribune, would give no possible motive for the attack. But they made sure to include the possible racial slur allegedly made by someone in McCarron's group to the Muslims. The NYPD would not release an incident report. Why?
  One would have had to crawl out from under the rock of their choice to not know that the media operates on a series of double standards that has become all to familiar to people such as  Conservatives, especially African-American Conservatives, church-going Americans, and most recently, gun owners. But the kid gloves they reserve for Muslims is extra special. No no, don't want to make them mad! Why not? We know that if Kevin McCarron had been beaten within an inch of his life by a bunch of Gadsden flag waving Tea Party members, it would be front page news. Why must one search for this story? Maybe for the same reason why the Fort Hood shooting is classified as "work place violence" If a Muslim is accused of a crime in this country, should it not be treated the same as any other that is reported in a newspaper or online news site?
  As of this writing, Kevin McCarron is home, and recovering from his ordeal. His attackers are all due back in court in April, two of them facing 11 counts of attempted murder. It remains to be seen if this case will be prosecuted as a hate crime.
  It is probably as safe bet that Kevin McCarron and his friends have lost that welcoming feeling.

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