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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Being Above the Law in America on Steroids


  Back in July of 2016, we learned all about Hillary Clinton’s private servers and deletion of 30,000 subpoenaed emails. We learned long before this however that clearly, there is a two-tiered justice system in America, one if your name is Clinton and one for the rest of us peasants.
  During the 2016 presidential election, supporters of Democrat candidate Bernie Sanders claimed on numerous occasions they felt that the system had been rigged against Sanders for Hillary. Now, thanks to former loyal Democrat foot soldier and head of the DNC Donna Brazile, we know those who were “feeling the Bern” were right all along. In her new book, “Hacks”, Brazile lays out exactly what happened, how Hillary gained control of literally every aspect of the DNC, financial and otherwise to, let’s call it what it is, steal a presidential primary election.
  While the details are still spilling out and can be complex, what it appears to be is an elaborate money laundering scheme cooked up by Hillary and her minions to ensure that Bernie Sanders never had a chance. But the details are not what we want to talk about, at least not at the moment. What we want to re-visit is, how does this happen? How does one family, over the course of 30 plus years rise to the top of the American political heap and no one ever realizes or apparently cares enough about what they are willing to do to get there? Hillary Clinton is no doubt the most corrupt politician in American history, and what that says about our nation and our system needs more space than allows here. With that in mind, I thought it might be a good idea to remind everyone of the “Clinton privilege” Hillary as enjoyed these last three decades or so. So without further ado, once again, “Being Above the Law in America”.
  One of the many beautiful things about America is that the law of the land is just that. No matter if you are the CEO of a million dollar company down to the janitor at that million dollar company. We fought a war for this very principle. Before America’s independence from Britain, if you committed a crime or some other infraction, and you were a good buddy of the King, chances are that things would go a lot easier for you than if you were just the average tricorn wearing colonist.
  Since the founding of the nation, even with that idea for the most part in place, there have always been that few, that handful of well-connected people who always seem to slide by, to skate. Are they that charming, are they expert manipulators of the truth, do they know the right people, or all of the above?
  We learned last week that that dubious system is firmly in place, and if your name happens to be Clinton, doesn’t really matter if it is Bill or Hillary, the sky’s the limit, the world your oyster.
  It is not a new phenomenon. Long before the nation was enchanted by the man from Hope and his wife, the people of Arkansas were well acquainted with the legal and otherwise escapades of the Clintons. From the bungled Whitewater land deal, to Hillary’s cattle futures windfall, to those long searched for Rose Law Firm records that just poof, appeared out of nowhere in the White House, the close inner circle made sure that no Clinton would ever be held accountable for any questionable activity.
  When Bill Clinton became president, the cycle continued, and with the assistance of an always willing liberal media, the Clintons would be investigated, questioned, and interviewed. But the long arm of the law never seemed to be long enough to ensnare the Clintons.
  Then came the night of September 11, 2012. The U.S. Consulate in Benghazi Libya is attacked by terrorists. Four people, including a United States Ambassador is killed. The Obama administration with Hillary Clinton now Secretary of State tells the world the “spontaneous” attack is because of an offensive YouTube video. Some four years later, we know not only this but virtually everything Americans were told about this attack is a lie. We also learn that not only is Hillary Clinton using unsecured servers to send and receive sensitive classified information, she lies repeatedly and ad nauseum about it. The entire case is handed over to the FBI. Possible multiple felonies have been committed by the now presumptive Democrat presidential nominee. The investigation goes on for months, the result, the usual, no criminal charges.
  Let’s review. We have learned that the concept of equal treatment under the law no longer applies. FBI Director James Comey all but told us that if this were any other American, they would have surely earned themselves an orange jumpsuit. But not Hillary. Not only does Hillary skate because her name is Clinton, she expects to skate because her name is Clinton. When you lose one of the basic tenets your society was founded upon, why would you not assume others are to follow.
  The American people have watched Bill and Hillary Clinton wiggle out of every bit of legal mayhem that has come their way while their willing media accomplices cleared the path for them. American are tired, fed up, and angry that the Clinton double standard they have suspected for decades has once again been proven true.

  It is clear that the Clintons will not go away quietly unless we make them. It is a crime spree whose time has come.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

The Spirit of America


  When ordinary average American citizens gathered in 2009 to protest Obama care and a lot of other things being shoved down their collective throats, the movement became known as The Tea Party. People who had never in their lives been politically active, some who had never even voted, realized just what then Presidential candidate Barack Obama meant when he told a cheering crowd prior to the 2008 election, that we were “five days away from fundamentally transforming America.” They decided right then and there, they were not having any of it.
  That summer, rallies sprang up all over the nation. More people rose up not to just protest Obama care, but the attempted hijacking and remaking of basic American values and ideals. They were tired of seeing the country drowning in more debt, more people on welfare and food stamps, less credibility abroad, and a president who made it a habit of going to foreign countries and apologizing for America. During the congressional recess that August, Americans showed up in droves at the town hall meetings of their local Congressmen and Senators imploring them to stand up against the administration and fight for what those people had sent them to Washington D.C to do. It was organic, it was spontaneous, even though the mainstream media tried their best to tell us otherwise, it was heartfelt. Nothing like it had been seen in a long time.
  The debate on whether or not the Tea Party has had its fifteen minutes of fame and is still useful will go on, but now there is something new. And it is being fueled by the fact that those same ordinary citizens, the ones who felt like they had no voice for eight years for a host of reasons, now have the muscle of both houses of Congress and the White House behind them, and they will demand to be heard.
  “Spirit of America” rallies will take place on Feb. 27 and March 4 all over the nation. It is a non-partisan, all-inclusive gathering. If you support President Donald Trump, if maybe Trump was not your first choice, or you did not even vote for him but you support an America first agenda of jobs, a strong vibrant economy, a strong military, and a secured southern border, then this is the place for you. If you are sick and tired of seeing radical Leftists march, protest, burn American flags, destroy property and businesses all in the name of “love trumps hate”, this is the place to be.
  We know that the media will tell you that this is a gathering of racist, sexist, bigots, a gathering of islamaphobes, homophobes, and every other sort of “phobe”. They will say it is just a bunch of angry people, mostly white, finally speaking out against eight years of a black president. They will say that we are anti-immigrant, that we don’t like anyone who does not look like us. The media, for all of their self-perceived intellectualness still cannot figure out this is precisely why Donald Trump got elected. It is fun to watch, and it is fun to stick our collective finger in their eye because once again, they got it wrong.

  Find a rally near you, and celebrate the Spirit of America.                                    

Monday, January 23, 2017

Sights and Sounds of Inauguration Day


  Friday January 20 was a day that many people had waited for for many reasons. For Conservatives, the day that Barack Hussein Obama would vacate the White House for good was a day eight years in the making. And not only was he off to begin the next phase of his life which was, thankfully, his post-presidency, he was turning over the keys of the People’s House to the opposition Party. Some still doubt that Donald Trump is a Republican much less a Conservative, but he has a GOP House and Senate behind him. If Conservatives are lucky, they won’t screw it up.
  People from all over the nation made the trip to Washington D.C. to witness something that rarely happens in any other part of the world, the peaceful transition of power. Oh sure, in some areas of Washington things were not so peaceful. Rioters calling themselves “protesters” set fires, threw bottles at police, and generally continued to throw their collective temper tantrum over the fact that Donald Trump was now the President.
  Things started pretty traditionally. You had dignitaries including former Presidents in attendance, military bands playing patriotic music, and of course, swearing in ceremonies. If you happen to be watching mainstream media, or Liberal cable channels, you would have thought that America had finally surrendered and we were just waiting for our new alien overlords from a distant planet to come issue every American citizen a microchip and take over life as we know it. The meltdown was as infantile as it was hilarious. Terry Moran if ABC news called the notion of “America first”, “dark”, and suggested it had overtones of 1930’s anti-Semitic slogans in Germany. MSNBC’s Chris Matthews did not even try to hide his Nazi insinuations. He called Trump’s inaugural speech “Hitlerian”. Poor Chris, no tingles up his leg this year.
  Over at the Fox News Channel, the usual suspects could not cut the new President some slack either. But they made a serious attempt to make it look like they were, sort of. Chris Wallace noted that President Trump’s inaugural address was that of an “insurgent, the leader of a revolt that has won and taken control of Washington”. Fidel Castro, but in a good way? Brit Hume described it as “not poetic but quite strong”. Kind of like telling your friend that the dress she is currently wearing does not make her butt look nearly as big as the one she just tried on.
  As the term of the nation’s first black president came to an end, poll after poll shows America’s black population very divided on whether or not Barack Obama’s presidency was good for them. The statistics certainly do not bear it out, but every president has his die hard supporters. Barack Obama’s are no exception. But it appears that so many of them supported him for no other reason than the color of his skin. It is something that seems completely contradictory to the work of Dr. Martin Luther King, whose life and legacy was celebrated by Americans inside of the same week. This came to mind later in the day as Melania Trump’s amazing Jackie Kennedy-esque blue outfit with matching gloves was discussed and an African-American co-worker called the new First Lady a “fake-a** b**ch”, then proceeded to mumble something about Michelle Obama being called a monkey, not acceptable to any rational person on either side of the aisle. But wow, this statement was not racist at all! Note sarcasm.

  This chronicles only the first day, and not even an entire day of Donald Trump’s time as President. Welcome to the next four years. This should be fun.