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Saturday, August 10, 2013

"Community Organizer" James O'Keefe

Legend in the Conservative movement James O'Keefe is now speaking. He is talking about how he got his start in the Conservative movement, and will also be talking about his new book "Breakthrough". It is about how we must breakthrough the stranglehold of the Liberal Left-wing media.
  One of his first videos was a college video at Rutgers about banning the cereal Lucky Charms from campus because it encouraged stereotypes of Irish Americans! Of course the Liberal Elites at Rutgers did not want to appear "racist". Long story short, no more blue hears red stars or green flowers of Lucky Charms at Rutgers!
  He is also speaking about the New York newspaper who printed the names and addresses of all the gun owners in the county in which they lived. He then went to the homes of the journalists who printed these names and asked them if they would put a "gun free zone" sign in their front yard. Needless to say, they did not want to do it! Most stammered and said, "Well, I agree with you but....I don't know about a sign in the front yard...."
  He also went to Houston to the Organizing for America headquarters, the Obama 's fundraising organization. He asked them if they could help him vote twice, which is a felony. A woman there stated that she was registered to vote in Texas, and also as an absentee ballot in Florida. She said that if she could "make my voice heard twice, then I will". She was fired. The Democratic Party always describes these incidents as "isolated". But there never seems to be a shortage of them.
  He is encouraging everyone to be citizen journalists, and break the news on their own. He talked about Congressman Jim Moran of Virginia, whose son Patrick, was caught on tape giving advice on how to commit voter fraud. He resigned after this video came to light. Later, on CNN, Soledad O'Brien was seen grilling Democratic Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz about this incident. O'Keefe said, "That's called winning".
  As more of these videos come out from Project Veritas, many Liberal commentators and websites had to give O'Keefe and his team some begrudging props, that what he was doing was right.
  As Conservatives, we need to be the ones to break the news. He also said focus on the content.
  Keep up the good work James! We need you!

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