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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Jenny Beth Martin

First off, we will hear from Tea Party Patriots head JennyBeth Martin is speaking. She spoke of the first Tea Party spark by CNBC's Rick Santelli in 2009. When Conservatives get fired up and speak up, we scare the Republican establishment. She also is speaking of the IRS scandal. The establishment tries at every turn to silence tea party citizens. But we absolutely cannot let that happen! The IRS scandal goes so much deeper than what has been talked about and seen.
  JennyBeth encourages everyone to get as informed and educated about what your elected representatives are doing, and what they are voting on.
  Obama care will destroy everything that is good and works in American health care today. Congress and the big labor unions have all asked for exemptions from Obama care. If it so great then why don't they want it? Big business is also exempt from this nightmare that is about to descend on the American people. She encouraged everyone to get to townhall meetings this month while Congress is out of session. Republicans are acting no better than Democrats. They are acting as the ruling class, and forgetting completely about we the people. Call and contact your legislators and tell them to defund Obama care. Do not continue to spend money on this law that no one wants. The federal government is spending $684 million dollars on propaganda to promote Obama care. This is more than enough money to fund a presidential election. Why do they have to convince people that it is a good thing? Stand up and speak out.
  Thanks JennyBeth!   

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