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Friday, August 9, 2013

Welcome To Smart Girl 2013

As we say on Conservative Cauldron radio, good Friday afternoon to all! We are LIVE from Indianapolis at the 2013 Smart Girl Summit! The next two days will be filled with tons of great speakers and a whole lot more! Right now, we are listening to opening speaker, Indiana Lt. Gov. Sue Ellspermann. She is speaking about women in public service. She is a relative newcomer to elected office. She said that if someone had told her 5 years ago she would be standing here at SGP2013 speaking to the crowd, she said she would have said they were nuts! But here she is! A week before her first legislative election, she was 10 points down. She said she would not run a dirty campaign. Long story short, she won 52-48 percent a week later. Ellspermann was very instrumental in getting Right To Work passed in Indiana. She also serves on several Indiana State Legislative committees, including the Agriculture Committee.
  Ellspermann spoke about electing many more women in the nation's Statehouses. She also says that women should set a higher bar in their behavior. Be authentic. Tell people who you are, and what you plan to do. Do not mudsling! it does not set the bar high. The Republican Party needs women more than women need the Party. Remember that should you decide to run for public office. Studies have shown that when women are asked to run for office, they accept, and more often than not, they win.
  Sue Ellspermann is a great opening for this year's summit!

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