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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Illinois Congressional Candidate Erika Harold

Our final speaker for this year's Smart Girl Summit is Miss America 2003, and now Congressional candidate in Illinois Erika Harold. Erika is also a graduate of Harvard Law School.
 Erika says that conferences like Smart Girl are important because it is vital to get motivated and organized.
  Erika spoke of the defining moment when she became a Conservative. She said in college, she began to read our nation's founding documents. She says that she started to see the perfection and genius of the founding fathers. She says that she would want her 4 year old niece to be like the women who have spoken at the conference. She stressed the importance of being a good public speaker. As Miss America, she spoke to middle school students about school violence and bullying. She said that the students did not expect the story she had to tell them. About being bullied herself in school, and had to leave that school as the bullying escalated to death threats.
  She says that standing up for your beliefs are part of what being a "Smart Girl" means. She has served on the late Chuck Colson's prison ministries. She spoke on the importance of religious freedom. She encouraged everyone to be a movement leader. It comes in many forms for many different people. Be the person who can make a change. Erika says she wants to be the one who shows that the Republican Party is inclusive. She says to not be afraid of failure. She said the biggest thing she was afraid of prior to announcing her candidacy, was that she might fail. Don't let fear of failure keep you from being who you want to be. people will call you names, and question your motives. Don't be afraid of it!
 Finally, believe that your voice needs to be heard. It matters what you have to say. Don't let the number of voices on TV and radio intimidate you. We at the Smart Girl Summit have to be the women to bring change.
  Thanks to Erika Harold for a truly inspirational speech!        

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