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Monday, August 5, 2013

Boys Will Be Boys

It has gone on, almost literally, since the beginning of time. Powerful men, or wannabe powerful men, having illicit relationships with women who happen not to be their wives.
  John Kennedy was notorious for his extra-curricular activities, his affair with Marilyn Monroe was no secret. Horndog behavior seems to know no party affiliation. Republican Louisiana Senator David Vitter admitted being unfaithful in his marriage a few years back. More recently, former Governor, now Republican Congressman from South Carolina, Mark Sanford gave new meaning to "hiking the Appalachian Trail", when it was discovered in 2009 that he had given both his family and his staff the slip, and was in Argentina with a mistress. A mistress who is now his wife.
  But when it comes to, well, gettin' a little on the side, no one can top those Liberal Democrats! From JFK, RFK, and almost anyone else named Kennedy, to Elliot Spitzer, husband and father of the year John Edwards, Bill Clinton, San Diego Mayor creepy Bob Filner, and that oh so smooth operator, Carlos Danger himself, Anthony Weiner. The boys from the blue states, appropriately enough, keep meeting up with other women, and keep getting very publicly busted.
  In light of Weiner-gate, a rumor of a long hidden Bill Clinton-Monica Lewinsky sex tape is surfacing. Just as front runner for 2016 Hillary Clinton is readying herself for campaign mode. The question is, what is it with these guys?! Is it because Liberal Democrats don't talk about "family values", they think it will all just slide under the radar? Thanks to a complicit media, who thinks the small print in their job description says, "cover Democrat butt", it most likely will. Unless the object of your affections goes public. In Weiner's case, his BFF Sydney Leathers.
  The women in these raunchy tales are not without blame. Not at all. Every one of them knows the man in question is married. In Weiner's case, at the time of his first outing, with a wife in the early stages of pregnancy. Is a man who has his name and face in the spotlight every day too much of an aphrodisiac? Is this age of "it's not my fault" lack of personal responsibility the possible culprit? It's anyone's guess. It is quite apparent however, that if there is a "D" after your name, not only do your peccadilloes have a better chance of being swept under the rug, they may just be a resume enhancement.
  Alas, this completely unacceptable behavior will continue. The men will apologize over and over, and the women will write books, and/or continue to provide audio, if not video footage of all of the tawdry goings-on.
  With Liberal Democrats around to provide all of the "entertainment", who needs reality TV?      

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