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Saturday, September 28, 2013

First Up

Our Hostess this morning is 97.1FM talk's own Dana Loesch. While we are at it, let's all wish her a very happy birthday! What a great way to spend your birthday! To get things started, Dana introduced Rev. Dan Doriani, who gave a great invocation to bless all who are here today. Singer Neal Boyd, who gave us a truly inspirational rendition of the national anthem. The Pledge of Allegiance was lead by Colonel Jack Jackson, USMC (ret.). No better person to lead that pledge than one of our nation's heroes! Right now, we are hearing Al Cardenas, Chairman of the American Conservative Union give the first speech. Why we are here, and why Conservatives must band together, get angry if we must, but get motivated to do what must be done to get our great nation back on track.     

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