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Saturday, May 19, 2012

The man of the afternoon is no doubt, former Presidential Candidate Herman Cain. He talks about how the mainstream media is saying that the Tea Party influernce is dead. Cain was in DC this past week, and was asked if the Tea Party would have as much impact this election as in 2010. He said no. It would have more. He says he is still on a mission to gain control of the Senate, keep the House, and send Barack Obama packing. Don't loose sight of the mission. Because if we do, it will be a nightmare like never before. The motto of the Tea Party movement should be the State motto of the state of New Hampshire, "Live Free or Die." Cain  says he calls Washington DC "Big Government Goliath", in refernece to the Biblical story. he says, "We need an army of Davids to bring down Goliath!"
There are people in this country who are falling for the race and class cards and other distractions. Liberals employ the same tactics, the "sin" tactics, S-shift the subject, like, to Gay Marrriage. I-ignore the facts. When the labor Department calculates the unemployment numbers, they forget about the people who gave up or are underemployed. The numbers would be much much higher. N-name call. Three things the Tea Party need to do, stay informed. stay involved, and lastly, stay inspired. The mainstream media wants the Tea party movement to give up, and not do things like stay informed and stay involved. They want us to not get behind the nominee and stay at home on Election Day. Cain says he has spoken recently at over 15 colleges and universities to get young people to get and stay inspired. He says he continues to spread the Conservative message, not for this generation, but for his four grandkids. "That is what keeps me focused on the mission."
 Herman Cain closed with, "We can win in November!" He got a standing ovation!         

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