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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Stacy Swimp, a sel-described "non hyphenated" American, an also a spokesman for Project 21, speaking to the fact that the majority of Blacks, Hispanics, and other minorities continue to vote for Liberal Democrats. He says that the lie is that it takes "color to win color" and that Republicans have conceded these groups of people for too long, assuming that they will always vote Democrat.
  He is also talking about the fact that Missouri is loosing jobs and workers due to the fact that Missouri is not a Right-To-Work state.
 The National Right To Work Act is being billed by some as just more big government. However, fewer people are on on Welfare in Right To Work states than non Right to Work states. Swimp told the crowd that "You are the true Civil Rights activists today".

Kevin Jackson, author of the best seller 'The Big Black Lie", and can also be heard on Thursday mornings with Jamie Allman on 97.1FM says, "The Tea Party is alive and well!" He says that Conservatives cannot rely on the mainstream media to report acurately. We must rely on Conservative media, bloggers and pundits to tell the truth. He talked about the importance, once again of Conservative values. For Conservative housewives who have raised children, and Conservative men who are there for their families. Kevin's new book is entitled, "Sexy Brilliance and Other Lies."   

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