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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Stop Being Nice!

  It's been said a hundred times before by a hundred different people. Politics is a dirty business. You can't be your opponent's friend and run a successful, a.k.a, winning campaign against them. Usually spouses and children are not allowed on the attack list. But pretty much everything else is.
  Most Conservatives, when they talk about the 2008 election, in hindsight will agree that there were a lot of problems with the candidacy of John McCain. Besides being a RINO on some key issues, like Campaign Finance Reform. He was a nice guy. Too nice.
  Enter Mitt Romney. Romney won enough delegates in the Texas Primary on Tuesday night to secure the Republican nomination for President. Conservatives on the whole are reasonably sure that they will get Romney's mind right on a few of his past stances on issues that were problematic during his days as Governor of Massachusetts. The other problem is that he too, is a nice guy.
  Recently, a new book by Author Ed Klein, claims that one of Obama's closest friends approached an associate of our old buddy, Rev. Jeremiah Wright with an offer of $150,000 dollars back in 2008 if the good Reverend would, well, just shut up. Stop preaching until after the election. During Obama's 2004 Senatorial campaign, the court-sealed divorce records of Obama's Republican opponent Jack Ryan, suddenly came to light.
  Mitt Romney is not just a nice guy. He is a smart guy. He was smart enough to know he couldn't be a nice guy and get elected as a Republican Governor in a blue state like Massachusetts without a little dirt being thrown around. Although he was saying it for a while, surely he knows by now, that Barack Obama is not a nice guy. And the closer we get to November, the less nice he is going to be.
  Republicans seem to always be ready to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, all because a certain piece of information is deemed "inappropriate" or "below the belt." No one is saying we should be actively seeking compromising photos of Candidate A's wife, or digging up hotel records. Focus on the issues of course. In the case of this year's election, we certainly have enough dirt, in the form of Obama's record to sling. But keep in mind who we are dealing with. The Chicago Machine.
  Stop being nice, and just maybe, we will win an election.

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