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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

It Depends On Who Draws The Crosshairs

  After the horrible shooting of former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, we were all treated to a lecture and virtual finger-wagging by President Obama on the coarsening of our political rhetoric. But we all know who the finger-wagging was really meant for, Conservatives.
  Liberals it seems, get a wide open shot (oops!) at anything that draws their political ire. While Conservatives are held to an impossible speech standard. My guess is that the Left is only warming up.
  Scott Boston, local St. Louis Tea Party Activist is the latest on the lefty hit-parade. Boston was emceeing a Tea Party Express rally in Springfield Missouri last week, and while revving up the crowd about voting Sen. Claire McCaskill out of office, referred to alter ego of sorts, "Claire bear", saying, "We have to kill the Claire bear!"
  This needs a whole lot of explaining. For people outside of Missouri, Sen. Claire McCaskill has a split personality. When she is on the job in Washington, she is Barack Obama's cheerleader-in-chief. She voted for Obama care while ignoring the fact that back home, Proposition C, which gave the state of Missouri an opt-out of Government Health care, passed everywhere in the state except Kansas City, and St. Louis City in 2010. When she is back in the Show-Me state, she is all about the people of course. Just here to serve the good people of Missouri. This Nyger Morgan T-Plush-like dual persona is the invention mainly of her supporters, but some Republicans have inexplicably latched on as well.
  So imagine Scott's surprise when he got a phone call from the St. Louis Post Dispatch telling him that McCaskill had called Capitol Police and beefed up security. The cherry on the top of this cake was a visit from the FBI. Boston immediately explained that he meant the Senator no harm, explained in what context he was speaking, that he was encouraging voting McCaskill out of office to be rid of the "Claire bear" image that appears only when she is home, and apologized for any misunderstanding.
  Scott himself was the first one to admit to a poor choice of words on "The Dana Show" today on 97.1FM. But how often are Conservatives maligned, even threatened and it does not even garner a yawn? We have seen pictures of former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin hung in effigy in front of people's homes, and all we get are poorly masked guffaws and chuckles and lame excuses about it being a harmless Halloween prank from the mainstream media. Threats of violence and even rape are hurled at Conservative women on a regular basis. The rape suggestion used on Radio Talk Show Host Dana Loesch through Twitter in just the past few weeks. Don't know if Dana received a supportive phone call from Sen. McCaskill. Probably not.
  This massive double standard is not going away anytime soon. But then again, neither are Conservatives. Liberals, get used to it.

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