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Monday, May 21, 2012

Rally Rap-Up

For everyone who did not see the posts, Conservative Cauldron was blogging live at "The Rally For Common Sense" that was held in Holts Summit, Mo. this past Saturday.
  It was a fantastic celebration of freedom and liberty, and a great way for everyone to get revved up for the Presidential election this fall.
  From the looks of the crowd, which had a large Tea Party presence, they did not need a whole lot of revving up. In addition to plenty of T-shirts, hats, buttons, flags, plus many more items for sale, there was also plenty of food, and an awesome Country Rock band called Dee Rock who kept every one's toes tapping.
  We had great speakers as well. Rev. C.L. Bryant, former Ambassador Alan Keyes, and former Presidential Candidate Herman Cain, all gave inspiring speeches, and called on the crowd to remain vigilant, informed, and actively participating in the political process.
  But what stood out the most as you mingled and walked through the crowd were the people and just the general atmosphere. The mainstream media loves to ramble on about how violent and extreme the Tea Party is. What I witnessed were total strangers from all over introducing themselves to one another, people shaking hands and meeting for the first time. All with one thing in common. A deep love of country. Wanting to leave the nation in better shape for their children and grandchildren. But being very concerned over the present state of the country. High unemployment, trillions of dollars in debt, a weak and ineffective presence abroad, and not feeling that the people who have been elected to represent them really care what they think. Until election time of course. These are ordinary average Americans who are sick and tired of the status quo, and demand not only of themselves, but of others of like mind, that they stand up, be heard, and wrestle the country back from those who seek to "fundamentally transform" it.
  On a side note, to my knowledge, there have been no reports of rape, assault, breakout of disease, or pooping on the Sheriff's van. There was, however, people picking up their own trash and putting it in trash cans, and utilizing the port-a-potties.
  Yep. These extremists need to be watched. 

*pictured above with Herman Cain is from left to right, musician Alphonso Rachel, Martin Baker-Republican Candidate for Congress in MO. District 1, Stacy Swimp from Project 21, and Rev. C.L. Bryant.
*also pictured above, Alan Keyes fires up the crowd!

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