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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Crimes Of Conservative Women

  There are a lot of crimes that often go just by initials. DWI, DUI, B&E. There are instances where African-Americans are pulled over in certain areas more often than White drivers, they refer to this as DWB, driving while Black. Well, I think that I, and many other Conservative women have discovered a new one. I like to call it EWC - existing while Conservative.
  It seems to occur when Liberals, more often than not, Liberal men, but incredibly enough, some women too, encounter strong, independent, confident, and opinionated Conservative women. it has always been around I'm sure, but it came out of the shadows during the 2008 Presidential Campaign, and the Vice-Presidential candidacy of Sarah Palin. She was viciously attacked over everything from her looks to her wardrobe to her family, because she is a Conservative. She was stupid, an empty vessel, and of course came attacks of a sexual nature, like David Letterman's "slutty flight attendant look" joke that was not funny.
  But that was just the beginning. Liberals moved on to Conservative women who were commentators, anchors and authors. Ann Coulter got a pie in the face for her troubles. Michelle Malkin has had despicable things said about her Filipino heritage. The list goes merrily on. Today, a double whammy. A video surfaced of Union members whacking a pinata with South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley's likeness on it. But the award for the most disgusting, comes from who else but Hustler Magazine's Publisher and scum-bag in chief Larry Flynt. It is a photo shopped picture of Conservative Author and Commentator S.E. Cupp engaged in a very graphic sex act.
  Yes, I know. It's Hustler. It's Larry Flynt. Most decent people will agree that Flynt is a waste of human plasma. Hustler will even tell you that they put a "disclaimer" next to the picture explaining that it was not, in fact a real picture. But how much daylight is that going to see? My guess, not much.
  So I have a question. No, I have several questions for Liberals. When is it enough? Is it ever enough? is there an end? is there a line? Does someone literally have to be killed for what they believe in? In a nation whose very first founding principle is freedom of speech?
  Oh, I can ask the same questions as everyone else. What if this had been a picture of Michelle Obama? Let's take it one step further, what if it had been a picture of one of the Obama daughters? Why is perfectly OK when it is a Conservative woman??!! Of course, when we demand some sort of statement from the NOW Gals, or any other Liberal woman's group, we get silence. Just a reminder NOW Ladies, silence means you condone it. Pure and simple. As women, you should be ashamed.
  I will conclude with a message to our Liberal friends. You will not silence us with photo shopped pictures that make 12 year old boys giggle, you will not silence us with your insults, innuendos, and snarky comments. You will do just the opposite. You will only make us louder, stronger, and much more of a threat to you I'm sure. There are way more of us than there are of you, and we are not going anywhere anytime soon. Deal with it.

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    I have had blogger send you an invitation to post as an author at Conservative Blogs Central. Be looking for an email.

    It could go to spam, so check that folder if you don't receive the invite.

    1. Thank You so much! I really appreciate the invite. I think I responded properly but I will double check my spam.
      Again, thank you for the invite.
      Becky Noble