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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Former Ambassador Alan Keyes has long been an outspoken Conservative voice. He talked about George Washington's last address as President. He cautioned against the danger of party and of different factions gaining power for themselves, and become themselves tyrants. "The 2012 election could be the period at the end of the sentence of the American experience." Keyes said. When he tried to tell the truth about who Barack Obama was in 2008, a lot of Republicans tried to tell him he was an extremist. He said that when people finally got through the media spin about who Barack Obama really was that the American people would only want to do one thing. Vote him out. Keyes said that we need to return to the wisdom of our founders. The grassroots of the Tea Party movement proves that the founding fathers were right. "The people are the leaders! We go to the polls to elect the people who will follow our lead!" He says that the majority of the American people are no longer represented in Washington by people who are like them. We will not make the choices for the country until we take back the choices. He says the people of this country need to take back control of the country.
 Alan Keyes is truly a great American, and of course got a standing ovation!

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