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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Devastation In Japan

Hey Crew,
  Been a little busy, when it rains it pours I guess.  Well, I'm sure the big thing on everyone's mind is the massive 8.9 earthquake that hit Japan on Friday. The death toll stands at around 10,000 as we speak. The pictures coming out of Japan are just heartbreaking, and as much as you try, you just can't imagine what you would do if it was you. I know I can't.  I know that everyone's thoughts and prayers are with the Japanese people. I know we will do all we can to help.
  That's kind of what I was thinking about.  I think we can all agree that Americans are a unique breed of people. who else could invent rock-n-roll and a 5-speed Corvette? But we are also unique in the fact that anytime there is a natural disaster in the world, Americans are always first on the scene with the aid of money, food, clean water, manpower, you name it. We even offer up aid to people we know don't particularly like us. Maybe people in other countries expect that we will be the first to arrive, maybe they don't, but we expect it of ourselves. We do it because we have been taught generation after generation to help people who need it. We have been taught to be nice, kind, generous, and giving of ourselves until it is time not to be. That is just the way we are. Call it American DNA, American values, or American exceptionalism, but just like a pull-your-face-off Ted Nugent guitar riff and that Vette that will go from 0 to 60 in a nanosecond, that's how we roll. We wouldn't have it any other way.          

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