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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Farewell To Evil

Hey Everyone,
  Well, as I have said before, when it rains it pours.  As the great Rush Limbaugh would put it, Osama Bin Laden "has assumed room temperature." It has taken 10 years, the lives of thousands of American soldiers, and two Presidents, but the world is finally rid of this evil man.
  I think the first people in line for credit are the amazing guys of Navy Seal Unit #6.  Were it not for their elite training, their bravery, and their love of this country, we would not be celebrating this accomplishment.  We do have to give President Obama the credit for issuing the go-ahead orders for this mission.  It was an incredibly complex operation and one that could have had enormous consequences in so many arenas had it failed.
  Last, but most certainly not least, George W. Bush.  He knew that the war on terror would last beyond his Presidency, and that of his immediate successor.  He had the vision and the foresight to put the policies in place that would keep America safe and ever vigilant.  Of course most Obama-zombies are not going to lower themselves to admit that.  Will they also like to deny that President Obama used a lot of these tools, the same ones that he opposed as a Senator, to make this mission possible?  No, probably not.  It would not fit into the "George Bush is an idiot/evil genius" template.
  That's O.K.  The rest of the world knows now that you can run, but you can't hide from the United States military.  Bin Laden is dead. And, as another great American once said, "It's morning again in America".      

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