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Monday, January 23, 2012

There They Go Again...

Hey Everyone,
  Ya' know, I'm hesitant about writing about Liberal bias in the new media.  It's so old. We all know it's there, we all know it's not going anywhere, and we all have seen it firsthand so why rehash old news?
  Well, maybe I'm a little late in talking about Newt Gingrich's ordeal with ABC News, then John King right off the bat during the CNN debate. But it was just so sleazy, even for main stream media types.
  So, ABC News trots out Mary Anne Gingrich. Mary Anne was married to Newt for 18 years. She claims that Newt wanted an "open" marriage while he was having an affair with current wife Callista.
  Prior to this we were treated to Karen Santorum's ex-boyfriend, a rock on the land that  Rick Perry's family owns supposedly painted with a racial slur, and Michelle Bachmann's migraine headaches. All of these nuggets of information designed to convince the American people that any one of these people, but more over, Conservatives in general, are just not fit for the Presidency.
  At some point, there was a meager attempt to hide it.  But not anymore. The gloves are off Baby, and we are ready to trash Conservatives by any means necessary!
  But when has the line been crossed? When is it too much? Are the spouses and even the children of the candidates over the line? The media certainly wasted no time reporting on a 19 year old Jenna Bush's alcohol possession citation, having a grand old time wondering if she was a "chip off the old block?" How often does CBS, NBC, or ABC report on the illegal immigrant family members of Barack Obama? Don't hold your breath, you might turn blue.
  There is an agenda afoot here. A very sinister one. Do what you have to do. Destroy as many Conservatives, including their families as is necessary. The ends justify the means. Do WHATEVER IT TAKES to help Barack Obama fundamentally transform America.
 To quote a movie line,"There is nothing more dangerous than a fool with a cause."       

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