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Monday, April 23, 2012

The Most Transparent Administration?

The Obama administration has been riddled with so many scandals in the past few weeks that it is getting hard to keep up.
  The General Services Administration (GSA), has come under fire for lavish conferences in Las Vegas, racking up approximately $800,000 dollars in food, drinks, and entertainment, all on the taxpayers' tab. The former head of the GSA has yet to say anything about the whole mess except that he is taking the fifth about it, and promptly scurries into the nearest elevator when confronted by reporters.
  The Secret Service it seems has also been partying like it's 2012-Colombian style. At the time of this writing 11 plus agents, including 2 Senior Agents, and several members of the Military are involved. At the center of it all, as far as anyone can tell, is that the guys charged with protecting the President, brought some working girls up to their rooms, and while committing huge breaches in security, also committed other things, like refusing to pay the ladies for their time and efforts.
  So how, if at all, does all of this affect this fall's election? Is this the "transparency" the President spoke of at the beginning of his administration?  The reality is that we are still seven months out, and in the wild and wacky world of politics, it might as well be a millennium. However, these latest nuggets fall on top of the on-going Fast and Furious gun-running investigation, and the implosion of several "green" companies like Solyndra.
  All of the information on these latest debacles is still trickling out. Surely there is much more to come on all of these investigations. But one thing is painfully clear. The Obama administration is rife with mismanagement and incompetence. Just like we expected from someone who has never even had a paper route. The Democrats usually rely on distractions like the whole "war on women" song and dance, and blathering on about comments rocker Ted Nugent made at the NRA Convention. Because Ted has endorsed Mitt Romney, Liberals are now screeching that Romney should distance himself from the endorsement. Yeah. That should take every one's mind off of the thousands of taxpayer dollars wasted, and Secret Service Agents compromising the security of the President of the United States.
  As of this last week of April, the  Rasmussen poll has Romney at 46% and Obama at 45%. Gallup shows Romney at 48%, Obama 43%. And the Fox News poll gives Romney 46% and Obama 44%.
  It will be up to Conservatives to keep the record of the Obama administration front and center in the minds of the American People.
  So buckle up. It is going to be a long hot summer.          

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