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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Can America Survive?

  I have started to write this blog at least five or six times. But each time did not seem to do it justice. So I will write about how I feel about all that I saw last week each time I turned on the television.
  I am still not sure where to start. I know first of all, I am DAMN sick and tired of watching the flag of the nation I love burned by animals! I refuse to tap dance around it any longer. They are animals who have no respect for anything and anyone. But I am supposed to be intimidated every time they are offended?! They are offended every five minutes! I can't keep up! What I want is for the world to be intimidated when AMERICA is offended!
  I know, however, that that will not happen until at least November. I am tired of having a President who is ashamed of this nation. I am tired of him putting himself and his re-election before the safety of Americans who put their lives on the line in places that are not friendly to America. How many more American Embassies have to be taken over and how many more Ambassadors sodomized and killed? How many more American flags must be torn down and replaced with Al-Quaida flags?
  I am tired of a useless whorish media, who will prostitute themselves at every turn, and do whatever they deem necessary to not only prop up this inept, incompetent President, but also decide for me and every other American, what they think I should and should not know. They are guilty of criminal negligence.
  There are reports that the State Department had credible knowledge of possible violence and did nothing. is it more important that our enemies not be offended than keeping American citizens safe? More important than keeping them alive?
  I can only speak for myself, but I suspect that I also speak for millions of other Americans. I am outraged, offended, pissed-off. The fact that my country is being looked at as weak , and ready to cave to the first band of two-bit terrorist cowards that comes along, is simply unacceptable.
  There is no way in hell that all of this was over some stupid-ass YouTube video. No. It was calculated and planned just like 9/11. And like 9/11, it was an act of war, and we must treat it as such. It has visited our shores before, and it will do so again, if we don't remind the world, and quickly, what happens when Americans, are offended.        

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