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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Power of Three

The third Presidential debate was held last night at Lynn University in Boca Raton Florida. The topic of the evening was foreign policy. Conventional wisdom among Conservatives was that Governor Mitt Romney would have an advantage over President Obama given the ongoing mess and cover-up over the terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya on September 11.
  Almost right from the top, Romney brought up Libya. But he did not launch a very aggressive attack on the President over the incident. At least not as aggressive as most Conservatives would have liked. But his most memorable lines of the evening would come later on.
  To many, the President came off as a man who knows he is in trouble. While Romney came off as calm and collected, even when Obama seemed to try to pick a fight with him. Obama seemed to ramble at times and almost go off on a completely different topic than the one being discussed. But what stood out to almost everyone who watched the debate was some of the sarcastic responses given by Obama. He was arrogant, snarky, and condescending. What he was not was Presidential.
  In contrast, Mitt Romney laid out his case for why he should be the Commander In Chief. He stated that his main objective in the Middle East was to "take out the bad guys." He spoke of America taking a leading role not just in that region of the world, but worldwide. He also tied the strength of the American economy to a strong America abroad.
  Mitt Romney also spoke of the President's "apology tour." When early in his Presidency, Obama went to various countries around the world and spoke of America's "arrogance", how "we haven't always lived up to our ideals", and sometimes tried to "dictate our ideas to other countries." Romney's response was one of the best of the night when he said, "America does not dictate to other nations, America has freed other nations from dictators."
  One of the most memorable moments came when the subject of defense spending came up. Romney talked about the fact that the Navy has fewer ships today than it did in 1916. Obama shot back with, " Well Governor, we also have fewer horses and bayonets. The Military has changed." Well, not all that much. Any Marine serving today will tell you that when his ammunition runs out, his bayonet is his best friend. Also, American troops serving in Afghanistan got through rough mountain terrain, on horseback. Maybe Corp-s-man Obama needs to do a little homework on the Military he now has the luxury and honor of calling himself Commander In Chief of.
  At the time of this writing, new details of the Benghazi attack are coming to light. How e-mails flew from the American Consulate to the State Department begging for more security, and a drone flew above the compound, so that we now know that State Department Officials watched the horror unfolding in Libya as it happened, knew immediately that the attack was not a spontaneous one as previously reported and did nothing to help those inside the building.
 Mitt Romney's poll numbers grow every day, and it will be up to the American people to decide if he is the man to restore America's strength and influence abroad.

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