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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Misfits, Oddballs, and Conservatives: Who's Normal?

  American culture and societal norms have run the gamut during our nation's history. In the Victorian age, if a woman showed a little too much ankle lifting her skirt while crossing the street, it could be detrimental to her reputation. In the 1960's, one simple phrase defined the culture and society, "if it feels good do it". Cultural and societal do's and don'ts, rights and wrongs, seems to be making a sizable downshift. Where are we headed, and who has deemed themselves the arbiters of where we should go?
  At one time, America was a vast place. Culture could shift dramatically depending on if you were north, south, east, or west. But as with all things, the Internet has made the world a much smaller place, and there is a nationwide dramatic shift taking place.
  The Left has learned a valuable lesson that Conservatives just don't seem to grasp, and that is the use of propaganda. It usually starts on college campuses by pointy-headed liberal professors who have never stepped out of the bubble of academia. They take an idea or a concept that is so far out of the mainstream that if it were just thrown out there it would be quickly dismissed. That is where the propaganda comes in. Whatever it is, it is dribbled out bit by bit to other liberals, and their job is to take it and run with it. Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels once said that if you tell enough people a big enough lie enough times they will believe it. Nothing could be more right. Things like gay marriage, transgenderism, and with America's introduction to Rachel Dolezal, trans-racialism. It is all coming soon to a neighborhood near you, and is slowly but surely becoming the norm.
  A while back, conservative author and commentator Ann Coulter wrote a book called, "Demonic". It illustrated not just "group think", but a more sinister concept, "mob think". Basically the "mob", usually a liberal one, tells the masses that subject A is the new norm and they better agree with it or else. It is that mob that is incrementally telling the American people, who seem to be too busy watching "Dancing With the Stars", that enlightened people are the ones who think Bruce Jenner becoming a woman, or same-sex marriage are well within the ranges of normalcy and that traditional people are the ones with the problem. They are the fringe. They are the kooks.
  How did we get here? Perhaps those fringe kooks, you know, conservatives, are just too nice? Are they so afraid of being called racist or homophobic that they just cave and retreat to a place where they will be with like-minded people? Maybe sometimes it is just easier. There is an old saying about how evil triumphs when good people do nothing. What happens to our culture when good people do nothing? Exactly what is happening. We get a self-absorbed, entitled, Kardashian selfie-taking society, complete with a thought mob who says you will think this, and you will like it.
  The hippies of the 60's have nothing on conservatives. It is they who have become the new counterculture.


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