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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Virginia TV Shooting: A Liberal PC Production

Just when Americans think they cannot be horrified any more by innocent people just going about their lives being gunned down by nut jobs with an agenda and an axe to grind, here we go again. Two people, Alison Parker, reporter for WDBJ-TV in Roanoke Virginia, and her cameraman, Adam Ward, were shot last week by a former colleague at the station. The whole grisly nightmare played out on live TV as Parker and Ward did a story on area tourism.
  The usual sequence of events followed. Liberals, including presidential candidate Hillary Clinton trampled each other to see who could get to a camera the quickest to howl about gun control. Race pimps and their wannabes hoped beyond hope that the shooter was another crazy white guy who hated media. All of the common denominators were quickly ignored by mainstream media. There were a lot of disappointed people as the story unfolded.
  There are many things that people would like to lay the blame on for this tragedy. But perhaps the real reason behind this shooting? It is a textbook case of learned victim hood and the indoctrination of political correctness.
  So that these pages do not help him in seeking the notoriety he wanted, he will be referred to here as the shooter. If there was a poster child for the Left and all that they espouse, this would be the guy. As a student and occasional member of the media, he bought into the Party line hook line and sinker. By all accounts of people who came in contact with him, he longed to be offended. He had an extensive record of filing complaints against co-workers of discrimination and racist behavior. As someone who was black and gay, that is hitting it big in the lefty lottery. According to liberals, have at least one of those things going for you, and you will never get a fair shake in life.
  The shooter was employed at several television stations in various markets. The same story was told at virtually every station. No stone was left unturned in the never-ending quest for racists and anti-gay bigots. The shooter learned the lesson of chronic victim hood well.
  Political correctness, that mechanism that, for the Left, ensures that no one is offended and everyone gets a trophy, also gets a huge portion of blame. Plenty of people who dealt with this man suspected some mental imbalance. Yet no one tried to bring attention to it to the right people. Yes at times in a free society, things are messy, and it is hard to bring someone’s mental state to the attention of authorities if you are not a family member or a crime has not been committed. No crime was committed until the obvious and there was little family communication to be had.
  But the most glaring reason made a U-turn right back to victim hood. No one wanted to single this guy out for fear of violating all important PC rules. By all means, do not imply that the black guy or the gay guy may not have all of his marbles! In this case you could be next in the complaint parade. Who wants that? No, if he is not calling me a racist, I am not saying anything. Thus a clear case of mental instability falls through the cracks due to a severe case of PC paranoia. 

  No amount of blaming guns, mental illness, or anything else will bring back these two amazing people whose lives and careers were just beginning. But maybe we can take the Left’s own suggestion. It’s one they like to drag out when talking about terrorism. If you see something, say something.    

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