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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Mizzou: Helping to Raise the Next Generation of Wussies

  Most of us at least over 30 and most definitely over 40 can remember a parent saying at least once that “life is not fair”. We mumbled and grumbled about whatever it was and moved on. Most of us were bullied and made fun of. Sure it was not fun and the insults hurt, sometimes to the present day, but again we sucked it up and went on about our lives.
  Fast forward. It is a new day and a new generation. The play-date don’t-hurt-my-self-esteem everyone-gets-a-trophy crowd is all grown up and are now college students. And they do not like it and pout when life is not fair.
  Students at the University of Missouri last week protested over what they say is inaction over racial incidents on campus. They have of this writing succeeded in securing the resignation of three people. There is virtually no evidence to back up the events the protests were centered on, but there is plenty of evidence to back up that this is about something else entirely.
  Back in August, the University announced that it would no longer give healthcare subsidies to grad students. Translation: no more free Obama care. The students, faculty, and teaching assistants all threatened a walk-out over potentially being kicked off of the Obama care gravy train. Three days later, the University backtracked and said it would “defer” the decision until next year.
  Enter Jonathan Butler. Poster child for black privilege, and an MU grad student. Could this have been the beginning of injustice and oppression for Jonathan Butler? Exactly just how long can you expect your family that is worth $20 million to pay for grad school? Eight years? Ten years? Fifteen? No rich kid in their right mind is going to risk that.
  But Jonathan Butler found an even better way to get even with MU. He got a bunch of his friends together and made up some racial stories. Yeah! That’s it! That’s the ticket! Pretty soon every spoiled rotten, got their own way all their life, coddled pansy on campus was ditching class and standing with Jonathan Butler, who by this time was even on a hunger strike to protest the “inaction” of MU President Tim Wolfe. Then the football team jumped on the oppression bandwagon. Because after all, nothing says oppression like athletes with a full ride scholarship.
  The “Mizzou lies matter” agenda has now reached the point where these little angels need “safe zones” to protect them from things like other people’s free speech, because that might scare them and make them uncomfortable. But no fear, the Campus Police said, “Give us a call if somebody is being mean to you and hurting your feelings.” Call the police?!
  Congratulations parents. What perfect little darlings you have raised. While thousands of their peers battle terrorists in God-forsaken areas all over the world every day, your precious little ones might be scarred for life because they heard words they don’t like. You are right, there really is no comparison.
  Last but not least, congratulations Mizzou. What a great group of leaders for the next generation you are training up. All of those 60’s retreads who lead the protests back then are now the instructors, great idea to hire them. Whether you know it or not, your liberal indoctrination is coming back to bite you in the butt. How does it feel?

  America’s colleges and universities are becoming dangerously close to being nothing more than re-education camps. When will it be time to send your kid to get his mind right?             

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