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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Shall Not Be Infringed

"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

      Take a good long look at those words. They may not be around much longer. Behind a human shield of children who reportedly wrote letters to the President about the Sandy Hook tragedy, President Obama gave a news conference today, where he laid out a series of proposed gun regulations designed to prevent another school shooting like the one in Connecticut. In addition to these proposals, he also signed 23, count 'em, 23 executive orders, ranging from the CDC to do studies on the effects of violent video games on children and teenagers to the Department of Justice assisting Law Enforcement in tracking stolen guns. That last one has to be height of absurdity and hypocrisy! Three words come to mind, Fast and Furious.
  The proposed regulations, universal background checks, restoring the assault weapons ban, and banning high capacity clips and magazines were expected. But sweeping executive order is another thing entirely. This is just the first round in the more arrogant, more in your face Obama second term. After winning re-election, most Conservatives and maybe even a few borderline Liberals saw the writing on the wall and headed to the gun shop. Most common sense Conservatives have a pretty good idea just exactly how Barack Obama feels about the Constitution. He does not see the precious, noble document that protects our freedoms and liberties, that does not ask for our rights to be handed down from a Creator, but verifies that they are. No, Barack Obama sees an obstacle. A bump in the road if you will, to be gotten around. And the issuing of 23 executive orders without any input from a Congressman or a Senator, is exactly that. An end run. Getting around the obstacles. All 535 of them.
   This does not address the problem. None of these measures would have stopped Adam Lanza from carrying out his murderous rampage. His mother, Nancy Lanza, bought her guns legally. Adam Lanza was a mental case that no one addressed. His mother was afraid of him and was trying to get him committed. Too bad she did not start the process a few months before she did. But President Obama said nothing about the mental health care system today. And the people who will pay are responsible, law abiding gun owners.
  The response from the NRA was careful and measured. But make no mistake. They know what kind of a fight they are in for with this administration. They will need help from every corner of Conservatism. Barack Obama did invoke the name of Ronald Reagan today. But that was all part of the show. Liberals know that if they mention Reagan in an argument, more than likely, they will get the attention of Conservatives.
  This is just the beginning. It starts out slow, a small drip, a little incremental ism here, a little executive order there. It is the Patriots among us who must be geared up for the fight to preserve our Constitution. It is time we let Barack Obama know, he definitely has our attention.                                                     

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