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Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Inauguration Blues

  I was at a meeting the other night, and saw a friend I had not seen in a while. When I asked how he was, he went on to talk about how he was still so demoralized and down since the election. He said he felt helpless, wanted to do something, but just did not know what.
  We talked for quite a while about many things. But I kept thinking about our first words about the election. If he was feeling this way, surely there were many others who shared those feelings. He also spoke of someone else he knew that still could not talk about yet another Republican loss of the White House without almost being moved to tears.
  The 2012 presidential election threw us all for a loop. For many Conservatives, Mitt Romney was less than an ideal candidate. But with a President whose record included an unemployment rate at around 8%, 16 trillion dollars in debt, with every indication that it will keep growing, and an overseas embassy attacked, and an Ambassador and four other Americans dead with no forthcoming explanation as to why, well, it is probably safe to say that we were fairly sure we had at least a fighting chance.
  Well, here we are, on the eve of the inauguration, and looming second term of Barack Obama. It's hard to compete with an entire generation of people who have been brainwashed by this administration, and their willing mainstream media prostitutes, that they don't have to work, they can get it all for free. It's a challenge to overcome Republicans in the House and Senate who, the day after the election, all but gave up, and seemed to be content with perpetual minority status.
  So what do we do? How do we snap out of this post-election funk so that it does not overtake our lives for the next four years? The answer may be different for all of us. But the most obvious answers may be, just when it seems like we should just give up, don't. Do not give up the fight. To paraphrase a famous (or infamous) American, many people for the first time in their lives, are truly afraid for their country. Freedom and liberty are worth fighting for, no matter what. Stay educated, stay informed, stay engaged, and by all means, stay in the fight! Make sure to gather with like-minded people. Whether it is a Tea Party group, a 9/12 group, or just your closest Conservative friends. Sometimes a Conservative support group is just what the doctor ordered. Although it is probably not covered by Obama care.
  If you think that blogging, writing, or blog talk radio is for you, by all means do it. Ronald Reagans and Andrew Breitbarts happen when you least expect them. Their spirits may, in the future, may be embodied by another person, or a group of people. But that spirit will come around again. It is inevitable.
  Do what you must to advance Conservatism. It really is up to us.

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