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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Praying For Timothy McVeigh

  The hideous tragedy in Boston yesterday at the finish line at the end of the Boston Marathon shook our nation, and the world to our very core. Innocent people, enjoying the day, cheering on friends and family members as they reached the end of a grueling 26 mile race. Even if they did not win, many of those runners reached a personal goal in just finishing the race.
  Two explosions, we now know were basic kitchen pressure cookers filled with ball bearings, nails, glass, anything that would inflict the most damage on the human body, and in the most grotesque ways. Three people are confirmed dead and at least 170 people wounded. The thoughts and prayers of people around the world are with the people of Boston who have lost loved ones.
  In the midst of mind boggling horror, comes one absolute predictability. The usual suspects in the mainstream media, and their comical, were it not so sinister, acrobatics to blame Conservatives.
  The blood had not even been washed away on street corners before MSNBC, CNN, and the rest of the army of Lollipop Kids claiming to be "journalists", dragged in their "experts", to explain to the unwashed masses, that this had to be the work of "right wing extremists."
  This is a phenomenon like no other. Anytime there is such an act of unthinkable violence such as this, be it Newtown, Aurora Colorado, Virginia Tech, the list, sadly enough, seems to always be growing, those hard-nosed gum shoes attempt to be the ones who break the story wide open, finding the deadly attack to be the work of a Tea Party group, maybe the NRA, or even better, some camouflage wearing Militia group tromping around in Idaho somewhere. If they believed in it, one would think that they are literally praying for a Timothy McVeigh wannabe. An anti-government, white supremacist type, intent on taking down those he feels are responsible for destroying his country.
  The most brazen example of course, after the terrible shooting in Colorado, when ABC's Brian Ross, on live television, accessed the Colorado Tea Party's online list of members, and just by sheer coincidence, found a member with a name that matched the shooter. Fantastic! Now we've got 'em! There is just one problem. The man on the Tea Party member list had no link to the shooting what so ever.
  It is painfully clear, that with each tragic incident, the mainstream media will become more and more aggressive in their attempt to link Conservatives to acts of violence. So the question must be asked, just how far are they willing to go? We know that they are willing to destroy lives, and then leave the destroyed to pick up what pieces they can, prime example, accused Olympic Park bomber Richard Jewell. But in the advent of Social Media, cameras recording every person's every move, and what is surely becoming a media favorite, the art and science of Photoshop, do they really have to do anything? Can't they just make up what is needed to complete the story and fill in the narrative? The answer may very well be yes.
  Fortunately, each time one of these sophomoric attempts, like Ross's is tried, it is usually quickly dis proven, and dropped. Especially when it is found out that the perpetrator has copies of "The Communist Manifesto" in his apartment, or shockingly, has ties to the Democrat Party.
  For the aging hippies now running news divisions, there might be a line somewhere. But for the newbies, beginning their illustrious journalism careers in the age of cyber bullying,
you be the judge.        

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