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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The "Right" of Spring

  On Wednesday, May 1, Wiccans and Pagans will celebrate their second most important holiday. Beltane is a celebration of several things. It is a celebration of the end of the dark days of winter, and the return of the warmth of spring. It is a celebration of the renewal of the Earth and the season of fertility and growth. In ancient times, the people would have great feasts and light bonfires. Cattle and other livestock would run between two bonfires as a rite of purification, and in the hope that the animals would reproduce and there would be food for next winter. The farmers would spread the ashes of the great bonfires throughout their fields in the hopes that it would ensure a bountiful harvest. A great feeling of confidence could be felt, and a positive sense that the coming growing season would be a good one.
  It might sound kind of strange, but when you think about it, the attitudes and feelings of those ancient people are rather Conservative. They had a firm belief in their Gods and Goddesses that they were watching over them, and would see them through until the warm weather returned.
  Conservatives in general are positive, upbeat people. We know that we live in a land of endless opportunity, and if we are willing to work hard, there is no telling where it will take us. In those days, success meant survival. There was no doubt a beggar in every village. The world's first Liberals? Maybe, but the ancient people knew their success lied in their willingness to work for a bountiful harvest.
  For today's Conservatives, that harvest may come in the form of new ideas, new concepts, new plans and strategies. We love to share the notions of small government, entrepreneurship, and free markets. We are always eager to pass on the prospects of freedom and liberty to all. A bumper crop for Conservatives is young people who realize that Liberals will only try to break them down into groups, and attempt to pit those groups against each other. A bountiful growing season for us is when someone who has spent their whole life being told that they are a victim, and in America, they can never expect to be anything else, finally see that idea for what it is, a lie that has been perpetuated for generations.
  Our Liberal friends would not have fared well in that ancient time. They would have starved waiting for someone to hand them a loaf of bread. They would have angered all those around them by expecting the fruits of other's labor. And today? It just seems as if they are always angry, sullen, and victimized.
  The joy and rejuvenation of Beltane is a reminder of the optimism and certainty of a bright future that Conservatism holds. That is something that Wiccans and non-Wiccans alike can celebrate.
 It is an American celebration.

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  1. Are you kidding me?
    We have NOTHING in common with Wicca and Pagan celebrations, and do not use random religion to argue that.
    Bad comparison, IMO!