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Thursday, May 9, 2013

What Difference Does It Make?

  That was the famous, or now infamous declaration made by then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton during her testimony before the House Oversight Committee back in January.
  On Wednesday, in front of that same committee, three men who have given their lives to diplomatic service, Gregory Hicks, Mark I. Thompson, and Eric Nordstrom, are now known as the "Benghazi Whistle blowers". What they should be known as are patriots, and most importantly, survivors of that horrible night.
  It has taken eight months for these men to be able to come forward to tell their stories. And what a story it is. It is a story of criminal negligence, gross incompetence, and hunger on the part of career politicians to maintain their power and get re-elected at any and all cost.
  We now know that a C130 aircraft was waiting in Tripoli, ready to come to the aid of those in the Consulate. They were told to stand down. Twice. By whom? We know that U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice was trotted out before the American public the following Sunday morning with talking points that had been severely altered so that no references to Islamic terrorists, jihad, or Al Quaida existed. We now know that everyone in the Consulate knew this was an orchestrated attack from the beginning, and not some spontaneous protest over an internet video, the creator of which, still sits in jail, and records are sealed as to why he remains there. We know that Gregory Hicks, when he initially wanted to come forward, was instructed by someone in the State Department not to speak to anyone, even a Congressional delegation who visited Tripoli in October. When he did do so, he was effectively demoted. If everything was sunshine and happiness in the land of Obama, why was he instructed not to speak?
  The behavior of the Democrats was predictably sophomoric. Rep. William "Lacy" Clay D-MO, blamed the attacks on sequestration. Rep. Elijah Cummings D-MD, lamented that "death is a part of life." But perhaps the question of the day came from Eleanor Holmes Norton D-D.C., who just wanted to know, "what is the big deal?'
  So what difference does it make? What is the big deal? Well, ironically enough, it could make a whole lot of difference to Hillary Clinton in 2016. It is no secret that the Democratic nomination for President is hers if she wants it. It could make a difference to President Obama. As these hearings proceed, and there will be more to come after Wednesday, the more delays and stonewalling on the part of this administration only fuels more speculation as to any actual criminal wrong doing and a massive cover up becomes more and more obvious.
  It should make a world of difference to the American people. Our government has lied about, what amounts to an act of war. People died at the hands of Islamic terrorists and those in charge do not want to say so because it did not fit the pre-election narrative, that Osama Bin Laden had been killed on Barack Obama's watch, and that meant that Al Quaida was on the run. So why does this administration not fear any backlash from the people? Could it be that is part of a bigger problem? Someone once said, "When governments fear the people, there is liberty, when the people fear the government, there is tyranny." Little by little, tyranny seems to be sneaking up on us.
  The inquiry into what really happened in Benghazi Libya will continue. Maybe Hillary Clinton, President Obama, and the rest of this motley crew will finally figure out that it makes a hell of a lot of difference to the families of Glen Doherty, Shawn Smith, Ty Woods, and Ambassador Chris Stevens.     

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