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Monday, May 27, 2013

Day of Rememberance

  On this Memorial Day 2014, We pay tribute to those rarest of heroes, our nation's fallen soldiers. The men and women who were quite willing to give the ultimate sacrifice, their lives, in defense of our values, our way of life, our nation. Words don't seem to be enough. We all like to think that when push came to shove, we would be willing to die for our country. I am quite sure it is the biggest "easier said than done" of them all.
  We have heard the stories of Revolutionary War soldiers. A ragged-tagged bunch of farmers really. They were out manned and out gunned. But they had what no Red-Coat from Britain possessed. A vision for a new nation, and a dream of independence and liberty that no British Regulars could put down. They were willing to die for their new country. We have heard stories of Civil War battles. Skirmishes that pitted brother against brother. For the first time, the new process of photography brought the gruesome reality of war home in a way never before seen. Soldiers went to battle for the basic idea that all men are created equal. The Union came ever so close to being split. But America was blessed with a man named Abraham Lincoln, who would do what he must to prevent that terrible possibility.
  World War I and II. The war to end all wars. The war against Nazism and Fascism. My late Father-in-law, told a story of being a young communications officer in Germany when a German soldier crept into the tent where he was working. He stabbed the German soldier, and came home with his diary. That generation, the greatest generation, kids, some as young as 19, defeating one the most evil regimes in history. They willingly went to defend their nation, knowing that so many of them would not come home.
  Those who served in Vietnam. A war made so unpopular. We know now, in large part by an even in that era, liberal media. No group of returning warriors has ever been treated so shabbily by their fellow countrymen. We can only hope that a new generation of Americans is giving these veterans that were able to make it out of the jungles of Southeast Asia the welcome home they never got and so richly deserve.
  The war on terror. It began long before that horrible day in September, 2001. It goes on today. So many brave Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines were inspired by the events of 9/11 to fight for their nation. They saw very clearly the threat to America that radical Islam presented. And so they went. So many not coming home.
  I do think that it is quite fitting on this day, to also
honor those who did come home. Those who did serve. I am quite sure they won't like it but I think that it is only proper to mention the Veterans who I am so honored to call friends, They are the cream of the crop. America's best.
 Martin Baker, Stan Kaliski, Ginny Kruta, Tony Laszacs, Ken Roe, Rob Huskey. Thank you. A grateful nation thanks you for your service, and defending America and what she stands for.
Happy Memorial Day.

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