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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Amerika-Land of The Free?

  "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

  Many a blogger over the last five years has begun a post with a Constitutional amendment. The main reason for this, the Obama administration does not see the Constitution as the law of the land. They see it as more of a collection of suggestions. An obstacle to be gotten around, or just simply ignored.
  In a truly stunning admission, the Justice Department has admitted obtaining phone records and emails from not only Associated Press reporters as was first reported last week, but now has included Fox News Channel reporters, most notably, Fox's Chief White House Correspondent James Rosen. Fox's work space at the White House, the Pentagon, and even some Fox News executives have been targeted for phone records and emails. The DOJ is claiming that Rosen could have possibly jeopardized national security by working sources pertaining to a story about North Korea he was working on. It is also thought that Rosen's parents phone records could have been seized.
  Welcome. We have officially entered a time when your government has ceased to give a damn about the Constitution. Again, a "bump in the road" for Team Obama. An old tattered document used only to wipe their shoes on. It is no secret that Barack Obama feels that a "flaw" in the Constitution is a lack of listing what the government can do for you. He is not interested in keeping the government in check, and focusing on those things in the Constitution that government is prevented from doing.
  One of those things, the first thing, is our freedom of the Press, and our freedom of speech. Both of those things have been under attack in the last few weeks. This should set off alarms and whistles like nobody's business for freedom loving Americans. When these most precious and basic of rights is threatened, at the same time no less, nothing good will come of it. So we must ask questions. Questions like, what does President Obama have to hide? Why does he feel that he must silence his political enemies? Are news outlets like the Associated Press and Fox News getting close to the truth on things like Benghazi and the IRS? Why won't other news outlets cover this? Because it's just Fox News so who really cares? They should care, and they should care a great deal. What happens when it is you? What happens when it is your rights on the chopping block?
  Ask the man on the street what he thinks about this. Chances are, he doesn't know. The average citizen is apathetic, not paying attention. If it is not going on in John Q. Public's neck of the woods, he probably doesn't have a clue.
  Because President Obama does not have to face the American voting public ever again, he and his underlings have proceeded to go about the "fundamental transformation of America" that he talked about before his first inauguration. That transformation is starting to look a lot like "the Chicago way." If Americans are not constantly vigilant in the protection of our rights, we are doomed at some point to lose them. Be it to a tyrannical government, or apathy.
  Here at home, a local journalist has been fired because he dared speak out about what happened to him at the hands of the IRS after a tough interview with the President. He has been fired. This is a man with 25 plus years of journalistic integrity and experience. Is this the new normal? Speak out against the government or voice political beliefs that differ from the government and lose your job? Get a visit from the IRS or better yet, the Justice Department?
  If so, we don't have much time.                

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