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Thursday, July 4, 2013

America - A Love Story

  Today we celebrate Independence Day. It is a day to reflect. A day to give thanks. A day to look around ourselves and be amazed at the fact that we have been blessed to have been born in, or become a citizen of, the greatest country the world has ever known. It has been said so many times before, but today it is worth repeating. America is not just a place. It is an idea, a vision, a concept. At the time of the founding of our nation, such an experiment had never been tried. The world had never seen a nation of free men. Free to create their own idea of government. They determined what that government was permitted to do. They also determined what that government was not permitted to do. Most early Americans came the oppression of a monarchy. A King who made up the rules as he saw fit. The King decided who prospered and who did not. He did not permit dissent.
  America's founding fathers did not agree on how this new idea of liberty should be implemented. They debated, they argued, they may have even wanted to throw a punch from time to time. It was those first meetings that vigorous debate, agreement, and disagreement became part of American DNA.
  America has endured trying ugly times. We fought a war for our independence and many lives were lost. We fought and killed each other to prevent the perpetuation of Americans of African descent remaining in chains and continuing to be second class citizens. We went to Europe and made sure that the evil of Nazism was forever squashed. But we have also been that shining city on a hill that President Ronald Reagan spoke so eloquently of. A beacon of light and freedom for so many who came to our shores in search of a better life. Not only for themselves, but for their children. Many of those first immigrants came with nothing but the clothes on their backs, whatever they could carry in a bag or trunk, and the willingness to work as hard as they had to, so that their American dream would become a reality.
  For Conservatives, this is a very troubling time for a nation we love so much. We see a national debt that no one seems to understand, much less care about, climbing higher and higher. The American economy continues to languish, with more of our citizens simply giving up looking for work. Overseas, our influence is nothing like it used to be, and rogue nations rattle their swords, and have no fear or respect for us. Right now, in Egypt, people carry signs in the streets mocking our nation and our President.
  Even on a day of celebration, we feel like just throwing in the towel, giving up. It seems like every day, more and more, the other side seems to be winning the fight. That the people we elected to send to Washington to represent us have no more fight left in them. They just want to be liked and get along with the opposition. But on this day more than any other, is when we must renew our commitment to fight on.
  Maybe we ask ourselves and each other, "What can I do? I am only one person. Who will listen to me?" What you can do is show up, speak up, and speak out. Go to the City Council meeting. Go to the School Board meeting. Write a blog or write for a website. Better yet, run for that School Board seat, run for that City Council seat. Be seen supporting the issues and causes that you care about. We all think we are just one person. What if a million plus of "just one person" get together to fight for what is right? What amazing things can we accomplish for the sake of our country?
  Independence Day would not be complete without thanking the brave men and women of our Military. They and their families sacrifice so much to keep our nation safe and free. They embody everything that is great and wondrous about America.
  Conservatives, Patriots, fellow Americans. Don't give in. Don't give up the fight. We have so much to fight for. Our country needs us now more than ever.
  Don't be afraid to rise up and take her back.
  Happy Independence Day from The Conservative Cauldron!

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  1. "We all think we are just one person. What if a million plus of "just one person" get together to fight for what is right? What amazing things can we accomplish for the sake of our country?"

    Yep. As an example of what a few 'just one person's can do, a few, writing emails over their concern and outrage at the Dept. Of Interior's "Bluewater" land grab, spread to one County Council after another in two states & tanked it.

    Do something, Especially if it's 'just talk' - those who say 'talk is cheap' don't know the value of a well thrown word... and are probably the same ones that would prefer cutting off the heads of those who dare to talk about what is displeasing to the powerful.

    Take the time to understand what you're talking about, with others if possible, and then talk it up to everyone you know!

    "Feds Rescind White River's Blueway Designation"